Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cinderella Day

By Royal Command..
and Frances

are hereby invited to attend a showing of the new movie Cindrella

with Nanny Goat


Being Nanny Goat to three adorable little people means you get to plan fun surprises. Watch as Olivia and Henry open their Cinderella box from me. It's in super fast speed so pay attention.

Frances you can sit through a two hour movie...right?

Are you kitten me right meow Nanny Goat?

Months and months ago, Cassandra and I watched the trailer to the new Cinderella movie drooling over the actors assigned to the various roles. That's when we decided we should make it an event.

Presenting Prince Charming Henry with his new shield and sword and Princess Cinderella Olivia in her beautiful blue gown.

And don't forget Frances playing the role of kitty cat! There is nothing more delightful than watching these three waltz their way into the theater. They created quite a stir among the theater courtiers.

We were so excited that we arrived at the matinee showing at least 30 minutes early. There wasn't exactly a line to get in...so we had some time to kill.

Showing off...

and making tough guy prince charming faces...

This picture sums it up. Olivia, Cassandra and Nanny Goat wholeheartedly agree...we LOVED it. Henry said it was really, really, really, really, really long but he liked it! Frances babbled and then slept through more than half of it so she may not be a credible critic.

Seriously though...GO SEE CINDERELLA! Take your kids, take your grandkids, take the love of your life, or maybe even take someone you hope will be the love of your life. Everyone could use a little dreamy romance in their world!

PS...It feels good to be back in this space again.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Meghan & Johnny Get Married

Going to the chapel...
and we're gonna get married.

Gee I really love you...and we're gonna get married.

Going to the chapel of love.

I've known the Peterson family for a very long time...

and I love and respect each one of them.

So when my good friend Angie asked if I would photograph her daughter Meghan's wedding day...I didn't even think twice before answering yes.

Besides...who could pass up photographing fourteen bridesmaids...

I mean, seriously how fun are they?

Meghan is an incredible young woman with a giant heart that envelops everyone around her. After the ceremony...I loved how she couldn't wait to share this moment and motioned her sister Nicole to be the first to congratulate her.

I think that Nicole was very happy for her sister don't you?

Meghan found her one and only...her Mr. Right.

And from what I can see...they are perfect for each other.

It was a privledge to follow these two around all day. 

Nicole and Johnny's friends and family felt exactly the same way.

One of my favorite photos from the day. I asked them to each kiss their spouse and Nicole cooperated by kissing her bouquet. 

The siblings.

Mother of the bride with her baby girl. Angie was the calmest mother of the bride I've ever seen. It must run in the family, because Meghan was equally as calm.

Fresh young love is exhilarating...and oh how Johnny loves his bride. We were setting up for another group shot when I turned around and found the two of them gazing at each other...that's true love. 

The wedding party.

And those bridesmaids again, this time with a Charlie's angel pose. 

Being a bridesmaid is a special job. The bride picks her dress, her shoes, the flowers, the invitation, and every other detail hoping to design the perfect day. And then she surrounds herself with her favorite girls to be by her side.

The groomsmen. 

They crack me up.

They never take each other too serious.

Johnny is a lacrosse player...so I requested a sticks in the middle of a team huddle pic. 
Go team Johnny!

The couple celebrated with a lovely wedding luncheon at a local Brazilian restaurant.

Where little people sneaked in a nap.

And the bride and groom 

settled into being a married couple.

The reception was held in an old warehouse in Meghan's hometown.

Angie transformed the warehouse into a magical place. Both inside...

and outside.

The cake...

the invitation...

the flowers...

the lighting...

and the food...every detail was perfectly coordinated and detailed.

But my favorite...were these freshly made doughnut holes. They were divine!

Some last minute touch ups for the bride and she was ready to go.

I called this area of the reception Campus Corner. She is a huge Aggie fan and he is a big Utes fan. 
But both Meghan and Johnny are huge football fans, as evidenced by the sign that said...
"we interrupt this marriage to bring you football season."

The evening was exquisite.

The Autumn air was crisp.

Everyone enjoyed themselves.

But especially the bride and groom during their First Dance.

And then one with Daddy! 

Meaghan and Johnny cut their cake. 

And then they were off. In keeping with the incredible "over the top" ness of this event the bride and groom were pulled down the railroad tracks by the groomsmen to their waiting car.

Where they began their life together as Mr and Mrs. And where they lived happily ever after. Thank you Meghan and Johnny for allowing me to be part of your day...it was truly amazing!