Friday, November 11, 2016

OMG Girls Weegend

As soon as we all piled into Dione's car at LAX's airport curb, we were each handed a manila file folder with a detailed agenda and "anticipated schedule of events." It's my favorite thing about visiting Dione...she always lawyers you with an agenda of fun things she has planned.


5:00 pm Walk to the beach, Oliiva can jump in...Cass will join.

The purpose of this weegend...(Olivia's Nickname is Weeg...thus weegend) was two fold.

One...soak up all things girl with each other and visit Dione's new home. Dione shop for a wedding dress. exciting is that!

I love to listen to my girls together. Sometimes I'll just stand to the side and listen to their conversation. They are both bright brilliant women who know where they are going and what they want along the way.

Dinner: El Gringo or Poke If you haven't discovered California's new food rage simply must! It's like a sushi rice bowl. To be fair...Cass had to talk me into it. But it was delicious.

Breakfast: Dione makes fresh mixed berry scones and Hailey makes over easy eggs on toast.

Olivia eats anything she wants. This statement was actually part of the agenda.

Bye Hailey...who stays home with the dogs as she is not invited for wedding dress shopping...and neither are Dorothy and Penny Pooch. Di is adamant about having a traditional wedding...which includes the two brides NOT seeing each other's dresses.

9:45 am: Aggressively arrive at BHLDN and insist on getting a walk-in appointment.

Which...thanks to Dione's superior agenda...we did!

This was our first boutique to try on dresses.

I think seeing your daughter in a wedding dress for the very first time is one of the most thrilling moments for a mother.

BHLDN was a great first stop...although nothing reached out and said THIS IS THE ONE!

Midday: Ladies who lunch/shop. And also throw coins in the fountain.

2:00 pm Bridal appointment at JLM Bridal.

At all the bridal boutiques, Cass took on the role of note-taker role while I took on the role of photographer...shocking I know! Cass's notes proved to be very helpful when we were evaluating all of the dresses.

Generally both of us were full of shenanigans.

Phew...second appointment of the day was done...with several possible dress contenders.

Dione and Hailey just moved to this darling little house only 3 blocks from the beach. I couldn't be happier for the two of them and their new home.

Olivia adores both of them.

Ummm...muppet hair and those eyes I adore.

Grand-dawgs are awesome!

Olivia was obsessed with the upstairs roof balcony...accessed only by a little troll door. Easier for Olivia to get through than Nanny Goat.

Rumo von Wolpering makes a special guest appearance. Rumo is the glorious German Shepherd.

5:00 pm Pumpkin Carving
Incidentally...Penny Pooch ate an extraordinary amount of pumpkin guts which would prove to not be a pleasant experience or odor in the morning. Rhat Rho!

Evening: Take out at Pitfire Pizza and watch Hocus Pocus with Muddy Buddies for snacks


 7:30 am Breakfast at Uncle Bill's Pancake House  This actually turned out to be much a result of the pumpkin eating/pooping by Penny Pooch.

10:00 am Bridal appointment at the Bridal Boutique in Echo Park 
No photos from this this is where she found the one!'s a secret what she picked.

4:45 pm The Eagles return home.
After a lovely lunch we barely had enough time to grab our luggage from Dione's house and jump back on the airplane to go home.

What a successful weegend! I loved spending time with all my girls...and a huge thank you to Hailey and Dione for hosting our very lovely stay at their beach house. I think we might have to make this an annual time Frankie can come.

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  1. Ahhh Mama Lisa I absolutely adore this post! So so excited for Dione and Hailey. Love you all!