Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pie Night 2008

Pie Night has become an annual Garlick family tradition since the year 2000. It began as a way to wish our neighbors Merry Christmas instead of coming up with a new gift for each year. I remember one year where we handed out a quart of ice cream and a scoop with a clever poem which read..."You've been naughty so here's the scoop...this years gift is snowman poop!" I make roughly 20 different deserts that are mostly pies, but also include cheesecakes and an occasional cake or two. Yes, I make them ALL from scratch in one day. I change it up each year, but I am also careful to include the favorites. One of my best pies is a White Chocolate Banana Cream pie which takes about 2 hours to prepare and is always the first one to disappear. Perhaps my favorite thing about pie night is to watch the wives chastise the husbands over how many pieces they have eaten. And then I promptly catch their eye and pass them another when the wives aren't watching. Shh... keep that a secret!

The pie display.

3 tiers of fruit pies.

The blackberry pie I made this year was so
beautiful before I had even baked it that I
just had to have a picture. This was Dione's
favorite pie this year.
This is my friend Francesca who flew all the
way from NYC with her parents Lisa and
Frank to come to pie night
My friend Leisa is sampling a couple slices.

Mike looks very happy with his choice
of the red velvet cake.

Here I am serving it all up.

Caroline is having a difficult time deciding which
one... so she just tried a slice of 8 different
pies. That's right 8. She said she worked out
the next morning.


  1. That was the most magnificent display of pastry goodness ever!! You guys are awesome! We are lucky to have such wonderful friends!

  2. Oh, I am so sad we didn't make it!!! I can almost taste the white chocolate banana cream pie...although I would have probably gone for something chocolate! You are amazing!