Friday, January 2, 2009

In a brown paper bag

A couple of weeks ago I woke up and told Dean I
needed to go to the liquor store and asked if
he'd come along. He laughed and said "OK, bad day?"
I use white wine to cook with on occasion and
the cooking wine in the grocery store is beyond bad.
So game on... we went to the State Liquor Store. We are
so naive we had to ask some dude in the store what to buy.
He was very helpful and it turns out the liquor store stuff
is much cheaper than the grocery store. And you
get your wine in a brown paper bag when you leave...
just like the movies.

FYI... in case you go, the helpful dude in the store
suggested buying the cheapest wine since you are going
to burn out all the alcohol anyway.


  1. You two have truly become sinners. I know of your Sunday activities and now the liquor store, what next? My oh my! Watch your step B.O.A.S., Logan is a small town now.

  2. And the lovely label as a sweet bonus! I LOVE wine labels. They are miniature works of art. Happy cooking, Lisa!

  3. I always wondered what was in those brown bags!!
    Is that a eat,ski,poop pillow inthe background?

  4. Have you ever tried the dealcoholized stuff from Kitchen Kneads? I bought some but when it was time to try the corkscrew and no clue how to get the cork out. We just stood around and laughed and used chicken broth.