Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's no secret that we love dogs at our house. Izzy's good friend Ginger is the proud Mom of 10 goldendoodle puppies. They are absolutely adorable. The pups are about 7 weeks old and will be heading to their new adopted families in a few days. What a treat these families have coming their way. We hope the puppies enjoy their new homes and wish them much happiness and dawg-day afternoons!

This is Stella...her family can't wait to bring her home.
She'll be close, so Izzy will still get to play with
her...oh and so will I.

Dean with his arms full of pups.

Chet and I snuggling with Madden.

Stella and Madden sneaked out of the house to have
an evening of play with Izzy. Shhh don't tell Mom!

Chet in puppy land.


  1. gosh are they adorable!!! and that cake below looked mighty fine to me!!! ALWAYS good times at the Garlick house, that's for sure!

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