Friday, July 10, 2009

Marsh Lake

There are some places on this Earth that speak to your soul. In the high Uintah's there is a beautiful lake that we venture to every year. It is a place of beauty, solice, healing, good food, much fun, and wonderful memories. We missed having Dione and our friends The Chapmans with us this year, but look forward to another time when we are all together.

Early morning on the lake as the night mist is lifting.

My favorite boy preparing for a canoe ride.

The boys brought me along for a fish/canoe trip.
My job was the photos.

Captain of the canoe.

I just loved this reflection of the clouds in the lake.

Bob and Cass came along. Cassandra and her Dad
have an ongoing tradition. She always bakes and
brings a fresh homemade pie the first night we are
up there. This year she brought a fresh
Peach Cardamom was absolutely amazing.
She is quite the pie chef!


  1. Wow Lisa those photos are BEAUTIFUL! Looks like a great place!

  2. How much we love THAT place and getting to share it with YOU!!! Good memories and more to come...