Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shutter speed, apertures, and histo-what?

Knowing I had recently acquired a new digital SLR camera, I have a good friend who referred me to an on-line photography class. I started the class this summer and have learned much about shutter speeds, apertures, ISO's, histograms, composition, etc. It is a bit overwhelming I must admit. My latest assignment was to complete a photo shoot done completely in "manual mode". Anyone who speaks photo language knows that is a big step. The late afternoon sun was setting and I could feel the energy as it slipped from the horizon. I grabbed my camera and just sat and watched it fade...something I don't remember doing in a very long time. Here is my assignment that I turned in...

I think it is important to always stretch yourself and learn something new when you can. Don't be afraid to make that leap to something never know what you might learn in your journey. Oh...and don't forget to watch the sun set every now and then.


  1. AMAZING! thanks for the reminder, I took a moment to enjoy and admire your photo sunset. LIFE IS GOOD !

  2. I think I saw that very sunset from a little spot in my backyard. What a beautiful photo.
    I better sign up for this class and get myself educated.

    And I just love it when I am driving around in Salt Lake or here in Cache Valley and some vehicle passes me with the coolest sticker in the rear window. Always makes me smile...

  3. Gorgeous! I wonder if I could handle an online class? All those terms just seem to hit a brick wall in my mind.

  4. Omg! This is so fab! I'm so impressed with you!