Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Every Day Should Be Her Birthday

There is no one who loves a birthday more than my first-born child. She once convinced her newlywed husband that her family always celebrates half-birthdays and so must they. Cass just loves presents. He fell for her trickery that first year...but not again.

Yup... that's what we paid for baby Cass...99 cents.

A vintage Cassandra photo. At the age of 2 she taught herself to read and hasn't stopped since. The book poised on her sleeping face is Dr. Seuss's ABC. You know the story...Aunt Annie's alligator AAA. Yes, she actually fell asleep like this.

So many fun things about this pic... Huge bangs, smiles, glasses,and don't forget those matching dresses.
Cassandra was such a fabulous teenager. You never knew what fun she had in store. Ask her some time about all those salads she ate at LHS.
The Olympics! We got in trouble for taking this one. Apparently you were not supposed to jump out of a moving vehicle and run over to the picture spot. Woops!

Happy Birthday to the blond one. You are surpassing all the hopes and dreams I had for you when I was a new, young mother. I can't wait to see what's next.

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