Monday, November 23, 2009

The Adventures of Maggie and Sammi

The scene at Rooster's Restaurant last Saturday...

The manager is visiting each table in the restaurant asking if anyone in the restaurant owns a chocolate lab. Hmmm...why you ask, that's strange. Upon reaching our table, Bob replies "Why yes, yes we do." After much discrepancy as to the size and whether it really could be Cass and Bob's beloved dog Maggie, the manager says "Well you should probably come check since the dog is running through the restaurant." Yup... it was Maggie! The 75 pound, superdog strong Miss Maggie decided to check up on her father Bob or maybe just order a rack of ribs. She and sister Sammi managed to escape "the traveling kennel" (truck with a shell) by somehow opening a window and jumping to freedom. Sammi of course was wearing her winter hooded vest to keep warm, don't worry.

Well can you blame a girl for being worried about her parents.

Just thought I'd throw this one in... here is Sammi modeling her new very fashionable bikini with Auntie Didi.

And need I say any more about the antics of Maggie and Sammi... I just love these dooduns!


  1. Oh I love these doodun's too!! That is the BEST story, too funny. How I would have loved to have been there for that one...:D

  2. That bottom picture is Sammi to a T!