Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pie Night 2009

Pie Night rolled around very quickly this year...just a week after Thanksgiving. With a trip to NYC just days after Pie Night, this explains why I am just now catching up. I made the usual favorites...Lemon Meringue, White Chocolate Banana Creme, Blackberry, Apple, Banana Creme, Caramel Pecan, Key Lime, Dutch Oven Apple, Coconut Creme, Deer Valley Cheesecake, Turtle Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cake,
This year I auditioned some new entries for Pie Night including this beauty...The Chocolate Snowball. With not even a sliver remaining, it seems everyone enjoyed it.
Also new this year was this Honey Pecan Pie, in honor of Dean's honey.
I also added Gingerbread Pumpkin to the menu.

Which pie/desert to choose is the hardest part. Dean advises everyone to have many small pieces of different kinds.

Dione and friend Danni...love her hair!

One of Dean's longtime friends Craig, reacquaints himself with the Seeholzers from years ago.

The kitchen gets very crowded. Especially with everyone returning for 2nds, 3rds, etc...but no one counts calories at Pie Night. All diets are completely forgotten for one night!

The lovely Katie and her roommates.

Mama G and K-Dawg...absolutely love her!

Little Miss Eli wanted to take Izzy home. Ummm... I don't think so.

Lisa with Lindsay, Sid, and Autumn. Jocie sure has beautiful friends doesn't she? Sometime you should ask these girls about some of the crazy pictures they took of themselves that night.

It was a fabulous night with so many friends attending...Here are some of my favorite comments overheard during the evening.
Pie Night is my spiritual epicenter of the holidays.
So...which one of these pies did you make?
What are your thoughts on a monthly Pie Night?
Awww honey, just one more slice!
We would have to cancel Christmas without Pie Night.
How do you make all these pies in 1 day?
You make your own crust...for all of them?
What time is dinner tomorrow?
Dean the blinds look awesome...nice job!


  1. Looks incredible Lisa and Dean! I am coming next year. Hope I still have an invitation. (Sorry, I am still signed up as Elder Chandler.)

  2. It was mighty tasty! You are a beautiful pie artisan :)
    AND you and Dean are the best hosts EVER!