Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birhday Shoutout

My favorite hubby (OK he's also my only one) is having a birthday today. Most men tell people they are 32 years old. I'm pretty sure Dean is also 32. Although most times he acts like he's 18. He fist bumps, listens to rap, and skis like a maniac. Through life's ups and downs, this guy has made my journey so fabulous and so much fun. There is never a dull moment at our house when Dean is around. With his strength, he keeps our family together and laughing all of the time. Love him!
Happy Birthday Deano

This is one of Dean's favorite places, the Uintah Mountains.

Reading his favorite book "Two Badd Babies" to
Francesca and Chet.

He's the man...looking very cool in Juicy glasses.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Izzy the doodle.

Izzy has been with our family for 2 years now. This big white ball of fluff is a Golden Doodle (cross between a standard poodle and a golden retriever). Everyone who meets Izzy wants to take her home because she is so sweet and good natured. Before bringing Izzy home I read up on raising puppies, watched The Dog Whisperer, and even made her a quilt. Yup I did! I wanted this puppy to adapt to our family and feel instantly at home. This bunch is a bit dog crazy... you should meet the Grand-dawgs. Above all Izzy is always there when we need some puppy love. Here are a few of my favorite Izzy pics over the past 2 years. Happy 2nd Birthday Izzy!
Izzy just after her last grooming...complete with pink bows.
Izzy da smart doodun...yet again we are
dressing up the dog.
Izzy the puppy doodle. Notice how her fur changes as she ages.

Izzy the teenager with my fabulous teenager.

Izzy being tormented with Cassandra's
"My little baby Baby" rendition.

Izzy as a glamour girl..."Juicy Creature"

Izzy sporting her "poodle look" don't worry we
won't let that happen again.

Izzy teasing her sister Kenya with a good
old-fashioned tail biting.

Izzy in desperate need of a haircut with Chet.
Izzy deciding the back seat is stoopid, and
lonely...move over Dione.

In a brown paper bag

A couple of weeks ago I woke up and told Dean I
needed to go to the liquor store and asked if
he'd come along. He laughed and said "OK, bad day?"
I use white wine to cook with on occasion and
the cooking wine in the grocery store is beyond bad.
So game on... we went to the State Liquor Store. We are
so naive we had to ask some dude in the store what to buy.
He was very helpful and it turns out the liquor store stuff
is much cheaper than the grocery store. And you
get your wine in a brown paper bag when you leave...
just like the movies.

FYI... in case you go, the helpful dude in the store
suggested buying the cheapest wine since you are going
to burn out all the alcohol anyway.