Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Deal is a Deal

Let's say you are 11 years old and you want to take a school day off and go skiing really bad. How could you talk your parents into it? What would it be worth to you? In Chet's world, it is cool to let your hair grow really long. So, Dean struck the bargain...a day off school to go skiing equates to a haircut. After the cut, I asked Chet if it was worth it. He smiled his freckled face and said "Yup!"

So here is the handsome boy after the haircut.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's no secret that we love dogs at our house. Izzy's good friend Ginger is the proud Mom of 10 goldendoodle puppies. They are absolutely adorable. The pups are about 7 weeks old and will be heading to their new adopted families in a few days. What a treat these families have coming their way. We hope the puppies enjoy their new homes and wish them much happiness and dawg-day afternoons!

This is Stella...her family can't wait to bring her home.
She'll be close, so Izzy will still get to play with
her...oh and so will I.

Dean with his arms full of pups.

Chet and I snuggling with Madden.

Stella and Madden sneaked out of the house to have
an evening of play with Izzy. Shhh don't tell Mom!

Chet in puppy land.


We always love a house full of girls and we were thrilled to welcome this beautiful family of girls along with their Mom and Dad to Utah last weekend. Nicolette, Francesca, Isabella and Gabriella (just love those names) came to ski Utah powder at Snowbasin and Beaver Mountain. The girls are all awesome skiers. We started to call them Chet's posse. What fun we had skiing, eating, playing games, celebrating a birthday, etc. We really enjoyed these sweet, giggly girls!

A special coconut cake for Isabella's 9th birthday.

Bella is thinking of a great birthday wish.

Dione, Sarah and Chet join the girls at Beaver Mtn.

Gabriella loves her picture she is
with Francesca. I started calling her the
purple marshmallow.

The whole bunch including Joan and Hannibal
at Jocie's monument.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

Traditions in our household hold strong and Superbowl Sunday is one of those. We get together and eat great food, pick our favorite team based on mostly whose uniform looks the best, and then cheer for our favorite commercials. Here are some highlights from this year's bowl-o-rama.

Yummy food!
Getting ready for the 3-d commercials thanks
for the glasses Caroline.

Pick your team... This bunch picked the Steelers
to win. Although Lindsay kicked Dean out of the
group towards the end of the game.
This group picked the Cardinals. They had the
best uniforms after all.

Caroline is taking in the 3-d thing. Pretty cool!

Peace out bro!

Do you think dogs can see 3-d even though they
don't see color? Just wondering...

Amazing commercials... almost better than the game.

Caroline napping after too much to drink.

This is the tippy-toe dance after Santonio Holmes
made the incredible catch in the end zone. Boy those
two kept rubbing it in.