Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jog 4 Jiggy

I love these people! This is the 2nd annual "Jog for Jiggy" held in conjunction with the SLC 5k and Marathon last weekend. These fabulous friends of Dione honor and remember our Jocie by running their little legs off in a 5k and a few even run a half marathon. I am so impressed by every one of them! Each year they design a new t-shirt for the event. With a little luck, my new ACL and I hope to be there next year. We love you guys and think you are awesome!

Go Big or Go Home

The fabulous Jog for Jiggy runners

Cheesing it up for the camera?

Sisters Sarah and Caroline were there. Sarah
is so great at organizing and putting it all together.
Caroline actually completed the half-marathon.
You rock girls!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

USU Robins Awards 2009

When you are a parent there are times when you are truly in awe of your children. For instance, 2 years ago Cassandra graduated from USU with a degree in Biology. I could never get a science degree of that I'm quite certain. At the same time, Bob received 2 masters degrees. And just recently, it was Dione's turn. She was a finalist for Woman of the Year at USU's Robins Awards. In the words of Ron Burgundy (The Anchorman movie) it's "kind of a big deal." The Robins awards at USU are like the Academy Awards are to the film industry. The best of the best attend the event dressed in their finest. Dione wore a lovely new silk dress from White House Black Market. Cassandra wore Juicy Couture (Jocie would be so proud). Both girls brought their fabulous Coach clutchs courtesy of a very good friend in NYC. Bob even sported a tie. Dean looked handsome in his rarely worn suit and I put on my best black leg brace to show off the new ACL. OK, so I had no choice on that one. In the end, someone else was chosen as the winner, but our family felt we had the winning finalist at our table. The event was spectacular and such an honor for us to be all there together. Thanks Dione, we love you!

Woman of the Year finalist with sissy Cassandra.
Bob had to shush the two sisters many times
throughout the night, they still love to giggle.

Here is the family all dressed up.

Roommates Dione and Sarah...smiles all around!

A look at the desert and beverage. Mine kept
disappearing, I think everyone around me was
quite thirsty.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We were lucky enough to get to puppy-sit Stella the goldendoodle while the Hlavaty's were spending Spring Break in Florida. Izzy absolutely had a blast playing with Stella all day long. You thought our house was animal planet the way they chewed on each other and wrestled and growled and barked. Stella followed me everywhere around the house. What a sweet puppy little Stella is. Also, Dean nicknamed her spiderpig and I think it will stick... at least at our house.

My lap full of doodles!

Dean and the doodles right before Stella wriggled
out of his arms.

A little bit of the animal planet here.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday Boy

I can't believe our baby boy is did that happen? When you are Chet's age, there is nothing more exciting than a birthday. I think he has been counting down for months. We started the morning with chocolate chip pancakes. Dione even rolled in early that morning after she had spent all-night in a Chemistry study session.

This is what you look like when you are truly
enjoying your chocolate chip pancakes.

Dione actually posed for this this is what
she gets for being so funny!

Here is Chet trying to figure out why one of his
presents is ringing like a cell phone.

One more look at the birthday boy. If you see this
guy riding around the neighborhood on his new bike
in his aviator glasses just wave and say "Sup"!
Happy Birthday you!