Monday, June 29, 2009

Fat Mom

Cassandra and Bob decided to give Dean a body pillow for Fathers Day. However, they decided to dress it up like "me" complete with my face. It was hilarious to say the least. We have had quite a lot of fun playing with "Fat Mom" at our house. One thing is for sure...our kids are clever, creative, and full of mischief.

Dean...very unsure as to what this gift is.

Chet loved "me" right away!

A family photo.

There are no words...

Friday, June 26, 2009

The sort of Extreme Home Office Makeover

What to do when the hubby leaves the country for a week...I know, remodel his home office. Wait a minute...what? I have to admit I was a little bit nervous about taking on this project. What if I unplugged a vital cord that took down the entire Dell network? Seriously, it could happen right? I had a week to move furniture, prep for paint, repaint, buy new office accessories, and hang everything on the walls. All by my one-sie I might add. I actually pulled it off. And I think he was pleasantly surprised at my efforts! Go team Lisa!

The moment of surprise...

Notice the beehive candy jar sitting on the top shelf.
It's a new addition, complete with Dove chocolates.
Also, check out the large piece of heavy furniture
standing in the corner...moved it myself...yup!
The new office comes complete with a Pottery Barn
organizer hanging on the wall. It is a pretty cool item.

Look at all the new items I hung all by myself.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Do you remember the scene in Legally Blond when Elle Woods receives a 179 on the LSAT exam that easily gets her into Harvard? What you may not know is that 180 is perfect. "What like it's hard?" Dione has been studying at a feverish pace and took the exam last Monday afternoon. On Tuesday morning I took her to the airport for a summer internship at Georgetown University and Law School. She will be taking classes and working for the law school. Pretty cool right? As Friday was her 21st birthday it was a big week for Dione. We had a wonderful dinner with friends and family the night before the big test. I went all out and fixed fresh Alaskan salmon with wild mushrooms in a phyllo crust, warm French Brioche, a lemon and fresh herb couscous and a lovely garden fresh salad straight from the back yard. Dinner was followed by a coconut layer cake with "179" on top. Love you Didi...hope you have a great summer in DC.

Never a straight face out of Dione.

A very common occurrence with the sisters, it's piano
duet time. An all time favorite..."Triple Dip" done
with 6 hands. Missing the "red one" I stepped in
and made my best attempt. Miss you every day Jocie!

Elegant piano player hands, the girls all have them.

Uncle Chi-pod as Cass lovingly calls Chet posing
with Dione...he will miss her this summer.

This is what happens when I say "picture time".
Even Sammi wanted to get in on it.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever of Dean...
there is a rare hint of a smile across his face.

It wouldn't be a family photo without Izzy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's her Mother's Daughter

Cass came up over Memorial Day weekend to hang out with the family while Bob was hanging out in Canada for business. I spent some time teaching her how to machine quilt. She was working on a baby quilt she had pieced for her friend Jayme who just had a beautiful baby boy. I was so impressed by Cassandra's "I can do this" attitude. She has such great confidence and quickly learned to make the machine meander through the layers. It was a wonderful "mother moment" to watch my daughter create something fabulous for someone she cares for dearly!

Here is the mad scientist turned quilter for the day.

Dione doesn't quilt yet...she is studying crazily for
the LSAT, which is the entrance exam for law school.

Cassandra's dogs Maggie and Sammi are never far away...
content to sleep at her feet as she quilts her project.
The finished quilt. I absolutely loved
her choice of fabrics.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bee Update

"Umm Dean, I think your bees are at my house, they seem to be lost!" "I think I may have been stung by one of your bees when we were down in Ogden." In response to these neighbor comments Dean asks what color legs they have, because his bees only have pink legs. Haha! The bees are actually doing fabulous. Dean has added a second story to their home and they are busy filling it up. He hopes to add the honey supers (our honey cache) within the next two weeks. All of this rain, has brought the blossoms out and the bees are literally busy bees! Dione was very brave and geared up to go play in the hives with her Dad one day.

Dione in the suit...a little creeped out at first but
became more comfortable after a bit.
Dean and Dione looking for Queen Caroline.

Caroline is at the bottom of the wooden frame, just
about in the middle. She looks more like a bug than
a bee. Isn't she cool?

Our first dip of fresh honey from Queen Steve's hive.

Official honey expert Chet weighing in on the taste.