Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shutter speed, apertures, and histo-what?

Knowing I had recently acquired a new digital SLR camera, I have a good friend who referred me to an on-line photography class. I started the class this summer and have learned much about shutter speeds, apertures, ISO's, histograms, composition, etc. It is a bit overwhelming I must admit. My latest assignment was to complete a photo shoot done completely in "manual mode". Anyone who speaks photo language knows that is a big step. The late afternoon sun was setting and I could feel the energy as it slipped from the horizon. I grabbed my camera and just sat and watched it fade...something I don't remember doing in a very long time. Here is my assignment that I turned in...

I think it is important to always stretch yourself and learn something new when you can. Don't be afraid to make that leap to something never know what you might learn in your journey. Oh...and don't forget to watch the sun set every now and then.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

80th Birthday Party

We just celebrated Grandpa Owen's 80th birthday with a wonderful party for family and friends. Dean produced a beautiful video documenting his Dad's life legacy. It will be a treasure for years to come. Interesting, that Gramps has spent all but 5 of his 80 years in the same town... Farr West, Utah. Happy Birthday Owen.

Owen and Bob...who is that beautiful
girl with you? I love Cassandra in blue.

The fabulous Kylee enjoying a swing. Love
the photoshop stuff.

Baby Griffin smooching up a strawberry.

A rare picture of Unni, obviously she didn't know
I was taking it.

Cindy, Ray and baby Zac.

Chet loves it when I take his picture.
Kirsten and Addison flew in from Portland
to surprise Gramps.

Aunt Donna (from sweltering Phoenix) and the
lovely cousin Kelly.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Marsh Lake

There are some places on this Earth that speak to your soul. In the high Uintah's there is a beautiful lake that we venture to every year. It is a place of beauty, solice, healing, good food, much fun, and wonderful memories. We missed having Dione and our friends The Chapmans with us this year, but look forward to another time when we are all together.

Early morning on the lake as the night mist is lifting.

My favorite boy preparing for a canoe ride.

The boys brought me along for a fish/canoe trip.
My job was the photos.

Captain of the canoe.

I just loved this reflection of the clouds in the lake.

Bob and Cass came along. Cassandra and her Dad
have an ongoing tradition. She always bakes and
brings a fresh homemade pie the first night we are
up there. This year she brought a fresh
Peach Cardamom was absolutely amazing.
She is quite the pie chef!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Look at Me and My Bad Self...

So, I decided to pimp out the blog and go for a fresh new look. Let me know what you think. It took me a while, OK quite a while. I have to say I barely managed to figure it out just before I tossed the pink Dell laptop out the window. I have also been learning how to use my Photoshop program. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

This is Mz Maggie posing in her camp attire while
recently vacationing in the high Uintahs with the family.
You can check out her and Professor Sammi's blog at
Deese dooduns is da best!