Sunday, August 23, 2009

Photo Shoot

Because we helped Dione move to a new apartment yesterday... I thought she might owe me one. It couldn't hurt to ask, right? So I talked her into helping me with my last photography class assignment. We had our own photo shoot right around town. It was fun to photograph my girl, she's such a good sport. These were the 4 final pics I liked. Dione said..."Wow Mom, it's just like senior pics all over again!" Same girl, same attitude, different day! Love you Dione!

I loved the texture of this wall.

The sun was peaking through some
leaves and I kept getting weird lighting
spots for this pic, but I still like it.

This is the photo I turned in for my
assignment. I think it shows her great

I loved this close-up, pretty girl!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Honey of a Day

Saturday was the day...Dean could hardly sleep the night before. It was the day to reap the rewards of the bee's labors. And our girls Caroline and Steve did very well. It was so fun to learn the process from our friends the Firths and the Winwards. Thanks for sharing and for a very fun day. We ended up with 7 gallons of honey from the first harvest which is about 84 pounds of honey. Can you believe Caroline and Steve were able to pull that off their first year being queen? Awesome!

This is what has been happening at our house
all summer long!

Here is a perfect frame of honey fresh from the
hive ready to be spun out. The honeycomb extends
out from the frame, is filled with honey and then
capped with wax when it is cured.

Fascinating...Caroline's frame on the left was almost
a golden yellow. Steve's frame on the right was nearly
white. The honey spun out golden and white just like the wax.
The taste from each hive was also completely different.
Cool huh?
Spring was up early and still in a happy mood...
nothing like a little honey rush in the morning!

Leisa showing us the correct way to remove the
wax cap on top of the cured honey.

Dean with perfect execution on his beloved honey!

Bob showing us how to spin complete with his
"I'm so sick of honey" face. They had spun
all their honey the day before. Ah...thanks guys!
The frames must spin 100 turns in each direction.
Also, don't forget to balance them...inside joke!

Getting ready to see the final product inside the canister.

And the moment we have all been waiting
for all summer.
Thanks Caroline, Steve, and the gang!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Gooseberry Pie

At the Garlick household we absolutely love food and are always anxious to try something new and different. Last Saturday morning while perusing the delightful items at our local Farmers Market Dean discovered Gooseberries!!! I know... right? I admittedly have never even seen let alone tasted a gooseberry. So I know, let's make a pie. This delightful pie had one of the most unique flavors I've ever tasted and we all completely fell in love with it! Now, I'm trying to figure out how to get fresh gooseberries in December for Pie Night.

To me, they look like a cross between a grape
and a tiny watermelon.
Dione was happy to play along. She has just returned
from DC the day before and was starved for some goodness.
Here we are cooking the gooseberries with some
sugar and tapioca to thicken the mixture up.

And finally...gooseberry pie! The next time you
spot some gooseberries...snatch em' up!