Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Uncle Kracker and a Quilt

Chocci is a dear friend of the family, practically one of my own. Whenever I hear the song Freaky Girl by Uncle Kracker I think of Chocci and Cass as teenage girls playing hours of Nertz and listening to the song over and over and over again. Did I mention over? There are seriously so many Chocci and Cassandra stories to tell... maybe another time. Recently, my heart was truely touched while attending a wedding shower for Chelsea (Chochi's other name). She has grown up into a fabulous young woman about to embark in her next journey as a wife with a wonderful guy who loves and adores her. I just love it when that happens. There are people in our lives that no matter what happens or where our journey takes us, their friendship is deeply embedded within. It might be years since we have talked, or even heard from each other...but that connection withstands the trials of time and life. And so it is with Cass and Chelsea. As 17 year old girls, these two started quilt blocks when they were bored one high school summer. They never finished, I think their social life got in the way. Cass and I decided to quickly turn the unfinished blocks into a quilt for a fun wedding shower surprise. It was perhaps...one of my sweetest "quilter" moments. We love you Chochi and we wish you many fabulous years with your man!

Here is the sweet quilt, the colors were still great even after
all those years in the closet.

Chochi and Cass back in their high school glory days.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

True Love

This is what you get when your hubby really loves you...50 pounds of your favorite Red Popcorn that is only available this time of year...surprise! Thanks sweetie! I need to eat nearly 1 pound of popcorn per week to finish this off by next year. Maybe instead of Pie Night this year it will be Popcorn Night.

If you've never tasted red popcorn before let me
know, I'm sure I can share a kernel or two.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pork Chops and Applesauce

Do you remember on The Brady Bunch when Peter decided to get a new personality and began to imitate Humphrey Bogart? He told his family they were having "Porckschops and Appleshaush" for dinner. My good friend the Divine Debi who is mother to The Fabulous Miss M shared some lovely apples with us last weekend so we could make applesauce. Dean is always such a good sport to help with my projects. We canned 45 pints of fresh, delicious applesauce. It is sure to be a wonderful treat on an upcoming cold winter's evening. Thank you Divine Deb for your generosity of spirit and apples.

Start with some freshly picked yellow gold apples.

Put them in the "boilin' pot" until soft.

Ask your favorite hubby for a little help.

And like magic...the strainer separates the crud from the applesauce.

Bottle them up and process for 20 minutes.

I have really enjoyed doing some canning this summer.
Maybe I am a squirrel storing my nuts for winter
maybe I am just nuts!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Funny Funny Pooch

In no way does this picture of Izzy have anything to do with her
appearance at school last week. Just having fun putting
a new funnel I purchased on the pooch's head.

I wuv you Izzy...you are such a doodun!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Cassandra entered kindergarten at St Johns Lane Elementary when we lived in Ellicott City Maryland. Ever since that day, I have sang a familiar but taunting melody to the children "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Most people sing this at Christmas but we sing it when it's time to go back to school. The children love it...not! It always gives me such pleasure to watch them scrunch up their faces and groan. What are Moms for, anyway!

Cassandra's first day of First grade at Wilson Elementary.
I remember when the girls loved dressing alike...

One of my favorite "back to school pics" ever! This is during
Dione's red cowboy boot phase. She wore them nearly every day
of kindergarten that year. Miss Palmer even brought red shoe polish
to brighten them up every now and then. Jocie was not old enough
to go to school but insisted on having a backpack and pretending
she was.

Jocie's first day of kindergarten at Mountain View Elementary
in Parker Colorado. This was actually my favorite kindergarten year,
because in Colorado students attend 2 full and 1 half day of school.
We really liked this schedule....more time to play!

This is Chet's first day of 2nd grade at Wilson. This was before
the boy hated getting his hair cut.

And how about the first day of high school... nothing
like a grown-up "My Little Pony" t-shirt to show how
mature she's become.
Which brings us to "back to school" pics 2009 with Chet.
This begins the 7th grade for the boy...sporting his new Line Skis
t-shirt for the occasion.
The face right after I sing the song to him.

And a special occasion this year...Izzy was invited to
attend science class with Chet. We gave her a bath, put
on a lovely pink bandanna and brushed her fur extra nice.
Chet took a science personality test and scored high in
"nature smart". His assignment was to bring along
a prop to help describe his gifts...so Izzy came to school.
We tried to go visit Principal Monson, but the school secretaries
were grumpy, told us he was busy, and had no sense of
fun at all. Come on ladies...lighten up!
As I think back to a year ago at this time, I am quite certain the thought of singing never even entered my weary head.