Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beef Bourguignon

Obviously I've lost my blogging mojo lately but I'm hopeful I'll be able to slowly step back into this life of mine. I needed some time to shut down and reflect.
Last weekend, Cassandra and Bob hosted our family for an incredible Sunday dinner. The menu... Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon straight out of her cookbook complete with Julia's accent. Cass has evolved into this incredible chef, Bob is very lucky and I think he realizes that.

Cass combined the dish with beautiful pearl onions, mushrooms, and new potatoes.
Just look at those tasty pearl onions caramelizing in the pan.

If you'll notice the camera focus is on the chalkboard in the background...sorry Bob. This is Cassandra's menu that she writes up each week. One of my favorite things about visiting Bob and Cass's home is reading the menu board. Who wouldn't want Beer-Battered Halibut or Grape Chutney with Pork Tenderloin. Or maybe Hummus Pizza how does that sound?

Miss Maggie is taking a break from her blogging hoping someone will play with her, at the very least throw her a scrap of meat.

Beef Bourguignon takes an entire bottle of red wine. I got a kick out of Cassandra's "liquor closet".

Sisters...Love you both!

Dione brought desert...Apple Phylo Bundles with Caramel Sauce.
Oh yes she did!
Dione is also a great chef, and some day when she finishes law school she'll have more time to make delicious food.
How lucky am I to be the mom of this intelligent, beautiful, talented person...I love the amazing woman that she is becoming.

After an incredibly satisfying and palate pleasing dinner it's time for a little fun in the backyard. Bob climbed the tree to get Miss Maggie to follow him...the pooch is too smart for that.

Chet was really excited to play on the swing set and show us the proper way to jump out of a swing. Poor kid...he's the only one of our munchkins who grew up without a swing set.
Awww... don't feel bad for him though, remember he got a cell phone much, much sooner than the others.

And, he loves hanging out with Bob.

A big puppy slurp from Sammy has caught Cassandra off guard and then she gets the giggles.

And here is our prospective law school student playing on the climbing gym with her baby brudder.

Izzy got to come along as she usually does, to play with Maggie and Sammi.

This boy...

and this girl...

and this girl
had a very tough day to endure on Monday,
as it was what I call...Jocie's Angel Day.
We need each other and thrive off each other during the difficult days. We are at our best when we are surrounded by each other.
A big shout out for Beef Bourguignon ala Cassandra. Maybe if you are very nice to her, you'll get an invitation to Cass and Bob's house for dinner.


  1. Welcome Back! I missed your blogging!

    That dinner looked magnificant!

    LOVE Cassandra's new do!

    Wub you all!

  2. Tell Cassandra,that I am the nicest friend of all!! I can't wait for the dinner invitation ;) What an amazing family!!!

  3. now I look dumb - I meant to say Dionne's but Cassandra also looks fab - as always. You're adorable. Even the men folk.