Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boston Girls Trip

Cassandra, Dione and I just finished our first adventure of what will be an annual Garlick Girls trip. We ventured to Boston to check out a couple of law schools to help Dione make the big decision of which to attend. It was quite a trip...

Cass kept seeing "red boxes" and wondering what they were. Finally we got a close-up of her with the fire alarm boxes located on every street in Boston. DVD's in this red box. I missed my nice Nikon camera, but we did alright with the little point and shoot camera instead.

We fell in love with the incredible architecture of the old houses of Boston.

This corner home had such a sweet color.. like bubblegum.

And this one has almost a Russian design.

Sisters act alike don't you think? The trees were just blooming while we were there. So beautiful!

And the azaleas...oh how I love the azaleas. They remind me of the Springs when we lived in Maryland. I wish these flowers were hardy enough to grow in Utah.

This is Boston College, one of the law schools Dione has been accepted to. She was eager to have a look around the campus and sit in on an actual constitutional law class.

In downtown Boston we found a very old cemetery. This happens to be the grave of Mother Goose. She raised 20 children...10 of her own and 10 from her husband's first marriage. No wonder she had so many stories to tell. As it turns out, the old woman in the shoe must be her autobiography.

The girls couldn't resist posing for a pic with Mr. Cigar man.

Here are the 3 of us enjoying an afternoon treat at Mike's Pastries. Mmmmm!!

While Dione attended her next campus tour at Boston University, Cass and I set out for Salem Massachusetts, the place of the Salem Witch Trials. Did you know that 20 people were executed during a period of only about 3 months? All because a few young girls made up a story and pretended to be possessed. It's amazing what fear will do to a paranoid society. The Salem Witch Museum was hilarious...not really a museum at all...more of a tourist trap.

Here is the cemetery located in downtown Salem. Isn't it great? We find ourselves drawn to cemeteries wherever we go.

This is called The Burying Point in Salem. We also found a fun quilt store in Salem.

And more houses...Cassandra and I almost bought one while we were there.

And finally a shopping day. Check out this camel made of nylons in the Copley Center. Why nylons you ask...maybe women of the world are just tired of nylons and there is a surplus now.

After a long day of shopping we were in desperate need of a treat. So we found a place called Johnny Cupcakes and walked in. We were extremely disappointed when all we saw were t-shirts for sale where there should be cupcakes. We were sad...and then angry...and then very hungry. We didn't find it humorous at all. I call that deceptive advertising. And yes...still hungry!

Newbury Street has a plethora of different shops. If you go there, don't go to Johnny Cupcakes...remember that.

Boston in bloom...beautiful!

And then there was the time when we stalked the Kennedy's and the Kerry's who live on this street in the very prestigious Beacon Hill area. Now that was fun!

Acorn Street is one of the most photographed streets in the nation. The street is very narrow and lined with cobblestones. We did see one car drive down this steep, narrow, rocky road.

See if you can see what's wrong with this picture...

I couldn't have survived my driving experience in Boston without our GPS, which we fondly nicknamed The Wench because of her proper English accent when she gives you instructions. However... on occasion The Wench failed us, as in this photo. She said turn left onto a one way street going the wrong way. Aaagh! And Cass captured this pic to prove it. After a couple of days the girls proclaimed that I had really improved my aggressive driving skills and I was an official Bostonian driver. II have to step it down a notch now that we are back home.

We had a fabulous time. And this news just out today... she picked Boston University! Congratulations Dione and best of luck! We love you!


  1. Looks like you had a great time and Boston looks so beautiful this time of year.

  2. Now you have the perfect excuse to go to Boston again and again! I have only been there on a layover...and then I just had time to go to Crate and Barrel. I don't think that counts.

  3. I LOVE Boston - so many wonderful things to do and see and the history - just love it! I think that Dionne will really enjoy her town there. Did you know there are like over 200 universities there or some crazy number like that! Our cabby told us that one time when we were visiting.

  4. oh ya, the extra 'n' in Dione was for NNNNNice job, girl!!!

  5. Fun pictures! Boston looked beautiful! Sorry we had to miss dinner at your place! Love you guys!

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