Thursday, August 5, 2010

New York State of Mind

A visit from our favorite New York City family means many things... 

and this trip it meant spelunking!

This is my friend Francesca...she is 7 going on 27.

She loves Chet like a brother...and teases him the same way.  She nicknamed him "The Goat" because of the way he climbed the stairs in Minnetonka Cave like a mountain goat.  

Francesca brought along her parents Frank and Lisa as well.  We love many things about these friends from NYC...from Frank's Brooklyn/Sicilian accent right down to Lisa's New York style.  

When Francesca visits she likes to do many things with me...including baking and sewing.  Hmmm...two of my favorite things to do, no wonder we are friends!

This time we taught her how to make sugar cookies...homemade frosting and everything.  Don't tell her mom, but I think she ate about half the dough! 

Francesca is a very intuitive child.  She made sure we cut out many snowflake cookies and then decorated them with red sprinkles.  She made a special red snowflake just for me!  She also liked the cookie cutter shaped as Utah.  I asked her where the city of Logan was located on the cookie. 
Smart girl...she pointed it right out!

Dean and the precious child just "chillaxin" after a day of baking in the kitchen.  Francesca asked her mom if she could be a "part-time" Garlick!  Yes...yes...Francesca!  We love girls at our house especially ones as cute as you.  Why is NYC so far away anyway?

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