Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To My Granddaughter... Miss Olivia Jocelyn

Dearest Olivia,

Wow...I can hardly speak your name without pinching myself to believe you are truly part of our family. While holding you in my arms tonight I heard your Daddy say "Olivia you are the most loved baby in the world." And I know he is so absolutely right.

You came to this family in the most amazing such a miraculous way!  I know this is where you were meant to be.  The beautiful, young, red-haired mother that carried you for 9 months and just gave birth to you... made the most loving, unselfish, and motherly choice anyone could ever imagine. 
She has so graciously given you to your Mommy who has wrapped her heart around your tiny little self. 

And now that you are finally here, as your Grandmother I must tell you I have big plans for you and the thousands of moments we will spend together. 
I can hardly wait to show you how to stitch and create beautiful things with your hands. 
I will teach you to bake delicious pies, and how to eat them just as well!
When it is time for prom dresses, I've got you covered. 

 And when it snows, we will gather in the mountains with our skis... 
where we will play in the sunshine and powder and tell fun stories about your Aunt Jiggy who shares your name.  
Then we will laugh together...because that is the way she would want it to be.

 And while we dance and giggle our days away, I will remind you of all the people in this world that love you and can't wait to see you grow and reach for the sky with all your might.

And when you come to visit our house...we will be sure to have brownies for breakfast and wear our pajamas all day, just because we can.   

Little Olivia, I fell in love with you from the moment I found out about you...we all did. 

You have brought bundles of joy and hope to our tender hearts.

Now let's discuss the name Grandma...I think we need something different...more hip...more modern...more edgy...
We are going to work on that you and I.
Because you are my first grandchild I think I'll let you decide.

While you are dreaming away your newborn days...I want you to know how many wonderful things are ahead of you.  Be true to your heart and love those around you deeply. 

Little are a gift.
Always remember that your Mommy and Daddy love and adore everything about you and are completely thrilled about being your parents. 

All my love,

Your hip, edgy Grandmother Lisa

PS...And just wait until you get to met your Auntie Didi...
you are going to love her!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Your family is so blessed and so is Miss OJ. I think her nickname could be "Juicy" then Grandma Lisa will "have" to buy her Juicy Couture, every little girl needs a little bling!! She is truly a blessing from heaven and will bring much joy to her fabulous mommy and daddy they are so deserving!!

  2. big fat tears rolling down my cheeks, I am so happy for you!

  3. Why to cause a waterfall here! That was the sweetest little post ever. We couldn't be happier for ALL of you!
    She is certainly a little piece of heaven, a fallen star from above. Adorable.

  4. Happy tears and a big smile. Beautiful baby has just entered a loving family. Congrats!

  5. Oh Lisa! You keep making me tear up! She is beautiful and just so loved. I love love the picture of you and Chet with her. This brings back memories of the best two little miracles that found their way to me and Jeremy too! Sometimes I have to catch my breath and think how lucky I am that they found us!

  6. She is gorgeous! Congrats guys!!! What a lucky little girl, I am pretty sure she couldn't have asked for a better family!

  7. She is beautiful! Congrats on becoming a grandma and thanks for posting pictures so we can all admire her!!

  8. I am in love with her, too cute for words!! Such a special baby for such my favorite aunt to spoil.