Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ho Ho Turkey Highlights

The highlights of our HO HO TURKEY DAY 2010. 

  • Lawyer Girl home for just a blink but what a sweet blink it was
  • Beautiful babies (sans Olivia...they were visiting Bob's family)
  • Delicious food...enough for a small country
  • Chocolate cornucopia
  • Discovering Chet's old choo choo train
  • Izzy eating leftovers on my fine China...nothing but the best for my pooch
  • Utah in a Box (Everyone knows I was the winner...Dean the loser)
  • After pie yoga...Izzy does an awesome Downward Facing Dog

The Garlick Press hopes that you and yours had a Happy Ho Ho Turkey Day also!


  1. Oh! That's the first I've seen of lawyer girl-- she's beautiful and I love her spunky hair.

    I love your photos large and small and your ability for finding beauty everywhere.

    p.s. your chocolate cornucopia is making my mouth water. I'm off sugar right now and it's painful.

  2. The food was amazing and so was the company! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING Aunt Lisa you are one amazing women!

  3. Some days, I think Chet and I look more alike than you and I. And that's scary!