Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 years running...

This annual event is something the Garlick Press looks forward to every year.  I can hardly believe we are celebrating 10 years of the Garlick Family Pie Night.  

Invitation 2010

Is it crazy to spend an ENTIRE day baking pies?  Am I exhausted by the time the evening starts?  Do I buy an insane amount of butter, cream, sugar and eggs?  Yes...yes...yes!  Do I love kicking off the holiday season with friends and family mingling in my home?  Is it wonderful to laugh with my neighbors and embrace friends who are so dear to me?  Do I enjoy watching everyone devour those delicious pies I so delicately crafted just hours before?  Yes...yes...and yes!

Four and Twenty Black birds baked in a, love the Pie Bird!

Oh and who is this adorable Christmas babe...who stole the whole evening just by appearing?  Why that's my grandbaby Olvia Jocelyn! The celebration was complete when she arrived.  

We always have such an eclectic group of people who come to pie night...there are neighbors, good friends, quilting friends, long-time family friends, young Aggies, and even dedicated New Yorker friends who fly in specifically for the event. We are so lucky and so loved! This is the fabulous Hailey with Chet.  Her life is so joyful right now, with an upcoming wedding date in two weeks! I can't wait to see this beautiful girl in her white dress and the wedding party is sure to be epic!

As the evening draws to an end, I finally abandon my pie serving duty for a couple of very special girls. It is completely past Olivia's night night time so she has decided to snuggle up with Nana and drift off to la la land. Thank you Mama Cass for bringing Olivia to her first Pie're the best!

And I heard her exclaim as Momma and Daddy drove out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


  1. Could I love you any more? What a fantastic tradition. And that baby Olivia-- she's ridiculously beautiful.

    The painting of your sweet Jocie on the mantle is absolutely gorgeous. It gave me happy shivers to see her there.

  2. I have not recovered from having to miss Pie Night. Life just won't be the same for a few days. sigh

  3. What a great documentation! You are truely queen of pie! And Dean rocks for all that dish duty he performs. Sweet times!!

  4. Hi. My name is Claudine Harrington, and I am from Southern California, USA. I have just found out that I am related to a Mary Patricia Garlick and was wondering if she is any relation to your family. She resided in Southern California in the 1970s, and that's pretty much all of the information that I have. I would appreciate a response to this so much. Would you be so kind as to email me at: and let me know if you are related to her in any way? She would be approximately 53 years old as of today.
    Thank you so much for your time, and I really look forward to your email.
    Claudine Harrington

  5. I can't believe that someone else has a pie night! my mom and I just made 15 pies for our annual pie night last night!

    1. Another Pie Night crazy person...that's fabulous! I thought I was the only ridiculous pie maker out there. Our Pie Night 2012 was last Friday night. I hope yours was wonderful this year too!