Monday, February 14, 2011

Dog-gone it Valentine

Saint Valentine's Day...established around 496 AD and named after Saint Valentine. Traditionally known as a day to celebrate love and affection usually with flowers and confections. The accompanying note became known as a Valentine. To celebrate... a dinner for my two boys on this Valentine day.

 "'d be purr-fect if you were mine."

"If you wanna be mine...fork over your heart."

 "I'll be sunk...if you won't be my Valentine."

 "I'm gonna 'pop' a 'corny' question...will you be my Valentine."

 "To my Valentine...I'm head over heals in love with you."

"Love me'll still be my Valentine, no matter what."

"Dog-gone it! I wanna be your Valentine."

So many adorable vintage Valentine cards that I remember signing when I was a little girl. I wish I still had some, but they just don't make them like that anymore.

But wait...what's this? Look what showed up in my Inbox...this is way better than any vintage Valentine!

Happy Valentines to all you lovely people in my life...I heart you!


  1. your dinner looks loverly-- and I love the vintage stuff too. xoxo

  2. and I know that this is a lot to ask but I'd love it if you could come to Ben's farewell March 13th.

  3. I think you spoil those boys in your house. Next time please come visit my house, we had leftovers!