Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Woman in Red

Confession...When Dean came up with this latest idea, I might have been a little skeptical. OK, maybe very skeptical.

Meet Marv-The Woman In Red. She is a hot new companion for Harv.

 Harv had melted down to just a small pile over the past few weeks and it was time for freshening up.

 I love it when Harv is back at the's the first thing I see when I drive in.

 This is the look the teenager gets right before he hucks a snowball at you.

 Oh hello Mr. Bear...nice to see you. Thanks for keeping watch over Jocie's place.

 This is where it starts to get wacky.

 I mixed up some red food coloring with water in a spray bottle, and then Dean starts spraying it on our girl.

Marv has acorns for eyes, and berries for a mouth. She's a very "green" snowgirl. She is also sporting one of Jocie's bandanas.

 Chet has suddenly grown white facial hair on his chin.

 "Look Mom...look what I made." He's a proud man, this Dad is.

 I wonder how well you can see Marv when I pull back a little...

and how about now? Yup, I think I can see her just fine. Great idea Dean!


  1. I love Marv! It's nice to see Harv with someone special, he deserves it.

  2. I love the woman in red. love you.

    I'm almost done withe the Lily & Will quilt. Now that I know how to do it, I want to make another one.