Sunday, April 17, 2011


He's 14...He's handsome...and he's mine...all mine...all mine...

Sometime in the past couple of months The Teenager grew about 6 inches and blew past me in height. Now I'm the shortest one in the family, except for Olivia and Henry.

Practically overnight I had to start shopping in the men's department for him. Now I have to know his neck size when I buy him a white shirt.

His heart is tender, his mind is sharp and he's my hero...and not just my guitar hero either!

He ordered a Banana Cream Pie instead of cake for birthday desert.
Am I surprised that he chose to wear this T-shirt on his not at all! Like all of us, he misses her every day...but he especially misses his big sister on the special days.

The advocate general made this video for's hilarious and absolutely worth watching!
Wow we really miss her humor!

 What 14 year old wouldn't want this kind of attention on his birthday? he's not all mine! Happy Birthday Son...Brother...Friend...Grandson...Chick Magnet...Uncle Chet!
I just love ya!


  1. Handsome cuss!! That video was worth watching...and it is past my bedtime...nighty nite. Happy BDAY Chet!!

  2. Well my clock says 10:45 pm. And it is that time.

  3. And to think he was just the cutest little boy playing with fat quarters at quilt guild all those years ago...

  4. Can't believe Chet is all "grown up"!! He is such a wonderful young man,how fortunatehe is to be in such a fabulous family. I like Kris remember him playing under the tables at guild, so creativeand so cute (handsome).
    PS Chet- looks like I owe you some Birthday Oreo's !!

  5. happy birthday to your amazing boy! I loved the photos-- especially the last one with baby Henry.

    And Dionne? Sheer genius! Maybe she can be a comedian/writer/lawyer? We watched it twice and laughed so hard we (or I) cried.