Monday, April 11, 2011

Peep Peep Peep

Attention...Read All About It!

Something has gone "fowl" at the Garlick Press.

We have a few more new babies to introduce...

 Say hello to "Nugget" who belongs to the Golden Sexlink breed of chickens.

 Starring in the role of Americauna is "General Tsao".

At the top of the pecking order is "Mother Clucker" a Buff Orpington (her G-rated name is Buffy). She is in charge of all the chicks and established her superiority since we brought the girls home.

 And "Red". She is a sweet little Rhode Island Red chick.

A melodic peep peep peep can be heard constantly at our house now. It is the most soothing song. Despite the raging snowstorm this weekend, it sounds like Spring here.

 We have all fallen in love with the girls.

 Even Izzy the pooch...and no she wasn't coerced into this photo at all...not at all.

 The brooder must be kept at a constant 95 degrees in order to keep the chicks healthy and happy.

We giggle and marvel at everything they do. When you leave the room for even the slightest amount of time they cheep cheep loudly looking for you to return....quieting down as soon as you are in sight.

The teenager has become a real "chick magnet" and Nugget is his favorite!

Chet was hesitant at he is their protector. Just like other Hollywood babies, the girls were only allowed a certain amount of time for a photo shoot and then he demanded  that they take a break to rest.

 We are absolutely over the moon about these chicks!

Well most of us gone-it, this family is for the birds!


  1. Oh my goodness! These photos are fabulous and I love your new brood. So sweet and Springlike and hopeful.

  2. Eek! I love love love your photos. The peeps, the tree, the doggie, on Chet's shoulder and posing with Jiggy-- my goodness!

    Off to go admire your photos again.

  3. p.s. our Buff is the leader too, it must be something about their breed.

  4. I am in LOVE with them! Can I come visit?

  5. What a blast! Those photos were such great eye candy! Enjoy their fuzziness before those feather start popping up! They are such great little models...and hats off to Izzy!

  6. Oh, oh, oh!!! I have wanted chickens for two years, but the big guy has said a firm NO! Loved the pictures in the Anthro bowls (how did you do that?) and Chet with his girlfriend. Made me smile.

  7. Oh my heck! This is SO dang cute!

  8. Chet's such the chick magnet! Love the pics, what perfect little models. Let me know how the newest hobby works out.

  9. Beautiful photos Lisa! And the chicks are so cute! You are right, they make for very good photography subjects.Can't wait to see more.

  10. I love the little chicks. Those pics with the chick on Chet's shoulder are my favorite. You have an eye for the shot!

  11. Those chicks are sooooo cute! And, your photos are wonderful!!!!

  12. Oh my goodness. This is so adorable.I just called my three year old over so he could see such cute chicks. Thank you for posting-it gave me warm fuzzies in my heart.

  13. oh those are the cutest pictures ever! And you captured them beautifully!