Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crimson Heights

The mountains majestic and bathed in green from an abundance of Spring moisture beckon us. 

Morning chill shivers across my arms but will soon melt away into mid-day summer heat.

Powerful and relentlessly plunging down, spring run off from heavy winter snow plows through the mountainside to find an exit in the river below. Ordinarily this is a slight stream, but not today.

The boys and I stretch our calves upward along the switchbacks of Crimson Trail.

Some wonder why we hike.

Why do we struggle against steep incline with loose gravel and winding paths.

Only to descend once the peak has been summited.

How is one to know what lies on top of the mountain...

if one is always on the bottom only looking up.

Often...when you have been in the deepest of valleys, the top of a mountain is significantly more beautiful and peaceful...with infinitely more meaning.

Especially when we are with our favorite people.

And now that we've been on top of that mountain...

tomorrow when we are back in the valley, the memory of being up there will sustain us.

We've seen the view from up there and know we will see it again soon.


  1. I love the Crimson Trail! Just may have to head up there soon. What a lovely post, as usual!

  2. I think I would enjoy that view from the top too Lisa! I had a friend drive me once through the mountain tops of Utah.. twisting, turning, all while I held on for my dear life. But oh the beauty up there! Just breathtaking. I see why you enjoy that solitude:)

  3. GORGEOUS post with perfect commentary ... makes you think.
    and that is a good thing for me (most of the time) :)

  4. Beautiful! Such peace in those hills.

  5. What incredible views & wonderful photos.