Friday, July 29, 2011

A Huckleberry Hike for Parker

Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.
       ~Emily Dickinson

Sundance ski resort shimmers with immortality as the morning sun climbs its way up the rugged mountain walls.
Their stories are as varied as the homelands they hail from, but the astounding loss is the same and pulsates through each of our hearts.

A daughter, a sister,

a brother, a friend,
all gone too soon.

We assemble in honor of Parker

and we hike for every other immortalized loved one.

Sweet new friendships have blossomed from this annual gathering.

Familiar faces...thrilled to be together again.

And there is fun and joy...
in every...

on this day.

It's difficult to explain the bond we all feel

as we hike at high altitude through intense rays of sun.

Boys stepping into manhood feel the same bond.

The journey is steep,

but the view from the top is incredible.

and worth every single stride.

My mind and camera capture moments of bliss, like this amazing big brother carrying his baby sister up the very steepest part of the hike.

And giggles,

and antics,

and the face of a refreshing lollipop licker fill my reservoir with happiness.

Parker's family continues to heal amidst unspeakable tragedy; not only surviving but thriving for each other and for Parker's legacy.

A special Jiggy Stick production was made in honor of the day for each of us... to keep our lips smooth and hydrated while hiking. Dean named this flavor "Huckleberry Hike". And I think it's my new favorite!

It was impossible to keep pace with these teenage boys as we wound our way through the trail

through a swift water crossing of still melting snow...

to this waterfall.

And if I've learned anything about this group...where there is water, there are shenanigans.
Yes, it's my friend Michelle running through the waterfall with all the rest of the kids. 

I absolutely adore her passion for life and commitment to family.

Ninja boys pose following their running of the falls.

And as usual...we place a little token of Jocie hanging in a tree.

Tired and yet invigorated we hike our descent from a glorious mountain day spent with the most amazing people. A quick look behind us reveals where we've been

and provides hope and inspiration for the road ahead.


  1. Lisa, your words and photographs took my breath away. Thank you for using your gifts to capture the beauty of this experience.

    Huckleberry Hike is my favorite too! I wish I could have known Jocie. I'm deeply grateful that I know her family.

  2. Lisa,this was beautiful. I thought of all of you on Thursday. It sounds like it was everything it should be. Love to you.

  3. You captured the day perfectly. But I'll have to write my own post to thoroughly brag about you. ;)

    The day was the perfect illustration of mourning with those who mourn and rejoicing in God's blessings.

    And I love that I am acting goofy in every photo!

  4. p.s. Kerri, you were missed. We'll see you next year, yes?

  5. Yes, Michelle, you must brag up Lisa--who is one of the most amazing people I have ever met I can't wait to see your photos of her Parker quilt.

    Lisa, you are a wonder.

  6. Thanks for sharing this emotional post - and including such breathtaking photos.

  7. Spectacular. Lisa is a wonder!

  8. Lisa, your quilt for Parker's family looks amazing. Glad Michelle was able to post pictures on her blog. You really need to show us more of your wonderful creations.