Monday, September 19, 2011

Quitting Time

Sometimes I wish I was a quitter...

unfortunately I don't know how.

Waking up early one Saturday morning a few weeks ago, Dean and I haphazardly decided to hike the Wellsville Mountain Range. These majestic often snow-packed peaks, while being moderately tall are exceptionally narrow which makes them one of the steepest mountain ranges in North America. The Wellsvilles stare at me every morning when I'm on the way to anywhere; I have always dreamed of hiking to the summit! Today would be that day.

Being the first time on this trail, we were surprised by the amount of foliage. And green is an understatement, this trail felt like a walk through the Amazon jungle. Huffing and puffing early on, we realized quickly this hike was straight up, hardly any switchbacks and steep all the way.

Wild berries springing from the carpet of green looked almost good enough to taste.

As the trail finally opened up to reveal a clearing, I realized quickly that we still had quite a lot of ground to cover before reaching the summit. Having spent a couple days during the week recouping from a minor health issue, I was feeling sub par in strength and stamina. Time to admit my weakness, quit, and turn around for home; something I'm not very good at admitting...weakness. There have been many times in the past three years I wished I had the quitting now that part of your DNA that allows you to give up, lay in bed and pull the covers over your head. Ya...I don't have that gene.

Dean, sensing my fatigue, queries if I would like to turn around. Of course I'd like to turn around and make the descent at that moment, but something won't let me. We agree to hike another 15 minutes and then reevaluate. The minutes pass by...15...and then more... as our steps bring us closer and closer to the summit.

Couldn't help myself taking a photo of this little guy...reminds me of our girls buzzing around at home!

And just like that, the trail opens up again, revealing we are minutes from the peak. Turning around to see where we've been, the view outlines the entire glorious valley I call home.

Just a few steps to the other side of the mountain...another valley! .The gorgeous vistas on both sides of this steep mountain range seem to cloud any remembrance of ever even considering quitting.

His majesty-king of the mountain...if but for just a moment.

A quick pose with Izzy, a bite of chocolate...and we begin our descent.

As is often the case when you hike, it is the descent that solidifies just how steep the trail really is...we both felt this hike in our knees.

With no time to rest, we quickly stop at a friends' orchard. Knowing how much we love home-made applesauce, she generously gave us 10 bushels of apples, if we would just pick them from her trees.

Many...many...hours later...I still wish I was a quitter!


  1. Hey Lisa! I'm a Lisa too that lives in the same valley as you :) Anyway, I blog here: I found your blog through your friend's blog (Michelle.) Even though I haven't met you (or Michelle) both of you ladies inspire me. You have a beautiful family and I can tell that you love being a mom and grandma! What trail did you hike to get that gorgeous view?!

  2. That foliage makes you forget that you are hiking in Utah. Homemade applesauce, yummers! Can I go shopping in your pantry?

  3. Really? In one day? You are most certainly not a quitter. The foliage is beautiful and what a view. I need to make that trek!

  4. Way too impressive! Wow, Lisa.

  5. Lisa, you inspire me!! What a beautiful place you live too.
    Did you make the apple sauce the same day? Lot's a lot of work:)!!
    I bet those grand-babies of your will be lovin on some of that!!

  6. Lisa, I can't say it enough. You have a gift of storytelling - both with your words and photos. So inspiring.

  7. just reading this made me tired. You amaze me.

  8. I really enjoy seeing your pictures of your hikes. These series of photos were no different. And then you came back and started on apple sauce making!! You must be one fit lady.