Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthday Parties in Heaven

Today is Jiggy baby girl's birthday, and I find myself wandering and wondering...

Are there birthday parties in heaven...

filled with colorful balloons sent aloft from heavyhearted ones on Earth,

with scrumptious chocolate cake and soft billowy frosting scooped from heavenly sweet clouds.

Will there be dear little friends...

 gathered close to help her celebrate in my absence.

In heaven are there thoughtfully chosen gifts...

filled with her favorite ski suits,

and giggly bubble bath.

And what of birthday shopping in heaven...

gazing through shop windows...

stopping for Juicy Couture...

and shoes...lots and lots of shoes...but especially heels!

Likewise on this birthday...

is she giddy with excitement at the upcoming ski season, as the first blanket of snow has covered our mountains. 

I can only imagine if Jocie has anything to say about it...there most certainly are heavenly birthday parties...

 along with puppies,

exciting vacations to fun places,

barrels full of Diet Coke,

and cell phones.

So today my friends as you go through the details of a Saturday routine...remember that it's Jiggy day!

The day we eat brownies for breakfast and ice-cream for dinner. The day to wrap your arms snug around friends and even tighter around family. Make every moment of your life magical and make each moment matter!

You can bet there will be a celebration both here and in heaven. Go big or go home!


  1. A very tender heartfelt post. I'll wear my Jiggy yellow bracelet today to remember your dear redhead.

  2. Of course there are birthday parties in heaven! Today is a wonderful day to have "JIGGY" kind of day. We are all wearing Jiggy stick lip balm, and we had pumpkin marshmallows for breakfast treats!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your post! You are an amazing mama!

  4. So, so sweet. How lucky she is to be loved by you...and you by her. I celebrated her birthday with chocolate!

  5. I wish I could hug you right now. What a wonderful mom you are. I just love how you love your children. Thank you for sharing this special day with all of us. Happy birthday Jiggy!

  6. Lovely post Lisa. As much as you are blessed to have your precious Jocie, she is blessed to have you for her mom.

  7. I'm sure there was a wonderful celebration in heaven for Jocie. God would not forget those things. Happy Birthday Jocie.

  8. Beautiful.
    Your love is astounding.

  9. happy bday in a couple weeks jiggy