Monday, February 28, 2011

Katie Scarlett

If sunshine had a would be my niece Katie!

I'm the only one who calls her Katie Scarlett...mainly because that's not her real name! When Katie lived with us before she began her freshman year at USU I gave her the middle name Scarlett. It's that obsession for the movie "Gone With The Wind" again. She arrived in Logan that day with a Jeep full of smiles along with all of her freshman necessities. Her Dad couldn't stop texting, asking if she had made it to her Auntie Lisa's house safely.

Fast forward 4 1/2 years later, and our Katie has a college degree and an LDS mission call to Norway. Sunday was her day! The meetinghouse chapel had both overflow curtains opened with all of those who love and support Katie. And she did not disappoint...her message was authentic and beautiful.

Katie and Marilee are sisters (obviously) and they share many things including their Daddy's deep brown eyes.

Because my brother Blair (Katie's Dad) is a smoker too...there would be no shortage of meat at the farewell party. My older brother Craig and Dean are slicing up the smoked turkey, pork tenderloin, and beef brisket! Dean woke up at 5:00 am to start smoking his turkey...anything for Katie Scarlett.

 Olivia..."I'll have some smoked turkey please?"

 Craig...sneaking some brisket!

Blair and Katie have the sweetest father/daughter relationship. Katie learned a long time ago if she needed something from Daddy she'd just say "Dad I love you", and the world was hers!

 But when Katie says she loves you...she definitely means it with her whole heart!

 So many of us will miss Katie Scarlett, including Katie's nephew Carter and brother Tanner.

Blair and Sheri's kids are so great together...from athletics, to school stuff, they are always there for each other.

Ah, sisters...they cherish and care for each other with deep and intense devotion!

They are no strangers to difficult times, cancer took their beautiful mother a few years ago. Although their mom is no longer on this Earth with them, her spirit lives inside them, and on those gorgeous faces...they have her smile...all three of them! I believe she watches from close by, bursting with pride for her daughters.

Perfectly in love with each other, Blair and Sheri are wonderful parents. Sheri made an entire houseful of food for Katie's party, I'm not sure there was anything left.

 Cute boys waiting for free food...

 and here's the answer to why there was none left after the party.

 Nana and Lisa...we like each other, can you tell?

Baby Lola's hair is you think Jocie kissed this sweet red head as Lola left heaven?

 All the little ones love Chet...must be his freckles.

My brother Blair has a giant heart. Although he tries not to show this softer side, he's actually a great big teddy bear. He will probably be the stalker Dad who ends up at the airport the day she actually flies to Norway.

My dad has been singing "kakaka Katie" to her since the day she was born.

Katie I will miss seeing your sunshine smile for 18 months. Norway is going to be a brighter, warmer place when you arrive!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Papa's Time

He drove up in his topless yellow Jeep Wrangler wearing Carerra sunglasses the first time I met Dean. Among other things, it was his passion for life that I fell in love with. In those early newlywed days, I am certain neither one of us ever thought about being a grandparent. But, today he is Papa. 

Papa likes babies when they are no longer "breakable." With her buff baby arms, I think Olivia has reached that point. Now he will have many things to share with her.

Someday he'll teach her how to spot a bird of prey floating through a still blue sky. He'll make sure she doesn't miss seeing the elk and the deer playing in the back yard.

Laughing and teasing are his specialty, so I'm sure Olivia will soon learn how to dish it right back at her Papa. I can't wait for those days!

Papa will want her to know how wonderful it is to read great literature and glean knowledge from the world that surrounds her. I'm sure he'll discuss politics and math with Olivia.

One day I imagine they'll be riding the ski lift together when Papa will tell Olivia all about his memories of  Aunt Jocie and her adventurous spirit.

Papa will teach her gardening and his process of growing yummy food, then he'll introduce her to the busy bees making honey in the back yard. There are so many things to teach Olivia, he'll have to get started soon...

but not today, she's attempting to master the sippy cup.

It's still so amazing that our baby has a baby... and another baby on the way. With so many dreamy childhood days ahead for all of them it seems like they'll never end. 

But don't forget, that the absolute best part of becoming a parent is that someday you will be lucky enough to be a grandparent!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun With Izzy & Kenya

See Izzy.

See funny Izzy.

See Izzy run.

Run Izzy run.

See Izzy run fast. Run fast Izzy.

See Kenya. See Izzy.

See Izzy play with Kenya. Play Izzy play. Play Kenya play.

 See Izzy jump.

Jump Izzy jump.

See Izzy run and run.

See funny Izzy. Funny, funny Izzy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Woman in Red

Confession...When Dean came up with this latest idea, I might have been a little skeptical. OK, maybe very skeptical.

Meet Marv-The Woman In Red. She is a hot new companion for Harv.

 Harv had melted down to just a small pile over the past few weeks and it was time for freshening up.

 I love it when Harv is back at the's the first thing I see when I drive in.

 This is the look the teenager gets right before he hucks a snowball at you.

 Oh hello Mr. Bear...nice to see you. Thanks for keeping watch over Jocie's place.

 This is where it starts to get wacky.

 I mixed up some red food coloring with water in a spray bottle, and then Dean starts spraying it on our girl.

Marv has acorns for eyes, and berries for a mouth. She's a very "green" snowgirl. She is also sporting one of Jocie's bandanas.

 Chet has suddenly grown white facial hair on his chin.

 "Look Mom...look what I made." He's a proud man, this Dad is.

 I wonder how well you can see Marv when I pull back a little...

and how about now? Yup, I think I can see her just fine. Great idea Dean!