Sunday, August 28, 2011

Play Date with Our Playmates

Dear Olivia and Henry,

We had a blast last weekend when you came to stay and play at Nana and Papa's...where we eat brownies for breakfast and never nap!

 "Say, say, my playmate

 Won't you come play with me

And bring your dollies three

Climb up my apple tree

 Slide down my rain barrel

Excuse me're pulling my tail feathers!
 Into my cellar door

 And we'll be jolly friends

 Forever more!"

We loved bouncing on the trampoline, splashing in the pool, playing with the chickens and taking you to the Farmer's market. Just look at these adorable Sock Monkey hats we found for next winter. I can see a future photo shoot soon.

 And Henry, your eyelashes...still astound me!

 Olivia had her first guitar lesson with Uncle Chet.

 and a four-wheeler ride with Papa.

 Chet, by the getting really good at this Uncle thing.

We discovered that just like your Nana...horses are apparently not your friend either.

And happy day...because Olivia's first birthday is just around the corner...Mama said she could sample some of Papa's delicious honey for the very first time. 

I made homemade blueberry muffins just for the occasion. Olivia LOVES honey! Yummy!
Henry, sorry you only got to eat rice cereal this time!

My arms filled with two babies, I learned just how much work your Mama does every single day in caring for you. Olivia, I chased you up and down the stairs and tried to close drawers as fast as you opened them. Papa and I woke up early at 5:00 am one morning, when Henry decided he was finished sleeping.

Every day we checked the nests for eggs and you were very surprised when we saw what the hens left us.

 And you rang the bell announcing the discovery of a new egg!

Look at Henry popping his collar.
Oh, but by the time your Momma and Daddy came to pick you up we had filled our reservoir with loads and loads of memorable baby time, but boy were we exhausted! And don't tell anyone...but Papa actually changed a couple of diapers while you were staying with us.

I am already making plans for the next time you have a sleepover with us!

All our love, Nana and Papa

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Quilt for Sam

They spent their teenage years constantly hanging out...planning parties, learning to drive, chasing boys and generally just growing up. It was the occasion of Sam's wedding shower that gathered them all back together...except Chelsea (mostly known as Chochi) who lives out of state.

The girls considered holding up a "Chochi goes here" sign when they posed for this photo. They definitely missed you girl!

As soon as Sam's pending engagement was announced...excitedly, Cass and I went shopping. Optimistic that we would be able to meet up and sew the quilt together, we selected this sweet, fresh fabric.

I was pretty sure that it would be me doing the sewing as Cass has her hands full of babies right now. But I just love how this quilt turned out.

Between Cass, Crystal, and Missy...they have a total of five kids in just a few short years. Sam, along with her new hubby has been busy graduating from law school and sitting for the bar exam. I think all of the kids sort of freaked her out a little! Don't worry Sam, you can catch up quick...just ask Cass.

It's so enlightening to see teenage girls grow up and become amazing people...intelligent, confident, nurturing women. Congratulations Sam, The Garlick Press is thrilled that you and Brandon found each other!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seasons...They Go Round and Round

I have never been one to dread or fear the passing seasons of my life. But rather embrace and celebrate in the joy and uniqueness of each one. When my oldest daughter donned her first backpack and skipped out the door for St Johns Lane Elementary, I was elated for the new world she would soon discover. And years later equally thrilled when she wore a golden cap and gown...graduating from LHS to an even bigger world. Even as The Teenager,my last born started Kindergarten...I rejoiced and celebrated his newly found independence.

However, just the thought of finally gathering my babies and my grand babies together under one roof for the first time in a long time made me absolutely giddy. In pure Garlick Press fashion, we celebrated! Such an occasion demands a photo to preserve the memory.

Except, Olivia doesn't want to play this game...

Put me down...put me down!

Oh look at this pitty flower Olivia...Henry what's up dude?

Click...that will do!

And guess who fell in love with the chickens while she was here? None other than the California Lawyer Girl herself? Remember of course, that Friggy was named by Dione and her law classmates.

Nearly every morning during her visit, you would find Dione out playing with the chickens. Gizzard loved all the extra attention and devotion.

We ate divinely! Lawyer girl made this beautiful and scrumptious salad.

Trips to the pool, Muddy Buddies, puzzles, and

round after round of playing Nertz. After that, a game or two of Hearts...where there is never a winner, just a big loser! We stayed up much too late giggling, teasing, drinking Diet Cokes and eating fabulous food of course!

At the end of the week, the chickens went back in their coop and Dione left for her second year of law school. With Bob home from his business trip, Momma Cass loaded babies, dogs and lots of other stuff in the car for the trip home. Dean left on his long overseas business trip which left...

The Teenager and I to our usual routine. I embrace these simple days with only Chet at home, just as I treasured those early days as a mother with a house full of little ones.

This season of my life is full and beautiful; I share it with the man of my dreams. Two amazing and fabulous little ones call me their Nana. And they have the best Mama who adores everything about them. In LA, Lawyer Girl is knocking her internship interviews out of the park! And The Teenager starts high school as a Freshman next week.

I think Joni Mitchell sings it best...
And the seasons, they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return, we can only look behind 
from where we came
And go round and round and round
in the circle game.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Golden Egg

Update from the Garlick Press Ranch

Cost of seven adorable baby chicks last April...$25

Number of hours to complete the bright red coop...Elevendy Billion

Opening the side door

to find the girls had laid their first egg...priceless!

From all the excitement around our house, you would think it was a golden egg.

 Just ask the chickens biggest fan Libby!

Oh it's priceless alright!

FYI...We are almost positive Red laid the first egg.
More FYI...You should have seen her strut her stuff and cackle after laying that egg.
Still More FYI...The egg weighed almost exactly the same amount as Red did when we brought her home just a few months ago.

LOVE...LOVE...our chickens!

Omelettes anyone?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Naomi's Peak

It just so happens that the hubby has spent the last week in a faraway me...he's definitely in a foreign country. Before he left, just the two of us (plus the pooch) set off to hike Naomi Peak.

I always miss him when he travels, but there is something about this trip that makes him feel so much farther away...

 and I miss him even more.

The trail to Naomi Peak winds through spectacular meadows of wildflowers

that have normally peaked by this time of year.

But these little buddies are still trying very hard to reach for the sun and bloom through the patches of remaining snow.

The route passes through a variety of terrain, including forest, meadows, glacial moraine, and rocky cliffs before you arrive at the summit.

There is still a ton of snow from the late El Nino storms that plastered the West this Spring...which makes for fantastic snow vistas. I love this shot...looks like Dean and Izzy are at the North Pole.

Naomi Peak summit sits at 9980 feet and is the highest point in the Bear River Range.The views in every direction are commanding albeit the west-Cache Valley and Cherry Peak; to the south-Mt. Elmer, Logan Peak and the Uinta Mountains; to the east-the Salt River Range and on a clear day... the Grand Tetons.

Just the two of us (and a self-timer on the camera) sit at the top and snack on some fresh cherries and homemade granola. Chatting about the usual stuff that a couple who have known each other for many years do...we breathe in the amazing view that lies all around us. 

 Izzy is the best trail dog who loves hiking along with us whenever we go.

Before we make our descent, I snapped this shot for one of our ski buddies. This is Cherry Peak and makes for some gnarly back country skiing.

 And speaking of's one way to get down.

 Woops...a shot of Izzy doing her business...who took that picture?

Somehow I missed this perfectly formed rocky outcropping while hiking up to Naomi Peak, so I was surprised to see it there as we hiked out.

Memories of a great day with the hubby have sustained me during the lonely moments this week. 

 And don't worry... Izzy always keeps Dean's pillow warm while he is gone.

Tonight as I look out my window...there is an enormous full moon. I wonder what Dean sees out his window halfway round the world? And is he missing home as much as home is missing him!