Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Perfectly Purr-fect Day

For over ten years now I have been a member of a little group of quilting friends called...The Purple Cats.

We share sisterhood, motherhood and most recently grand motherhood! We revel in one another's joy and weep together in times of sorrow. Some of us are painters, gardeners, knitters and chefs. All of us enjoy eating! One of us runs marathons (pwahaha...not me)! Each one of us are actively pursuing the daily journey of a creative life.

Last week we could hardly wait to gather at Leisa's studio...the home of Black Sheep Woolens!

Creativity oozes from every nook and cranny of Leisa's art studio.

Little acorn people sit on the window sill just waiting for someone to come and play.

But Leisa's specialty is this gorgeous hand-dyed wool. Working with wool is so addictive, as there is nothing quite like the creamy softness of an all-natural fiber.

Everywhere you look there are stacks and stacks of vibrant colorful wool.

Some tied into delicious bundles of goodness.

Leisa is not only a creative visionary...but completely generous with her time, design space, and beautiful wool.

Similarly, all the Cats are generous...each of us bringing a little touch of something to share.

Oh how the Cats LOVE to start new projects. Believe it or not...we actually start more projects than we finish! It's a problem...most quilters share the same problem!

Consulting and planning a new table runner...from a custom drawn design

to the rainbow of colors picked for the palette.

This is what our work table typically looks like during a day of stitching. We were so busy playing with wool, chatting and stitching that we very nearly forgot to eat lunch.

And here is our fearless host Leisa...climbing the bunk beds to get a birds eye shot of the Purple Cats at play. What a purr-fectly fabulous day among feline friends.

I hope you have friends who like to share in your creative adventures too!


  1. So sorry I missed it. It looked like so much fun. See you at the next P-cats gathering.

  2. Such gorgeous photos and delightful women. I love creative people!

  3. Ok..... now I am really jealous. You gals really have skills

  4. Sooooo blessed! I need more needle time!

  5. Oh, I am still purring. I certainly could curl up on a window sill all day at Leisa's studio. I'm so glad we belong to this "litter".