Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding Meaning Amidst March Winds

March is here...thirteen days of it so far. The slight breeze sweeping along winter brown grass brings a  promise of Spring days to come...along with a clear memory of that breezy March day almost four years ago. The reminders are fiercely forefront in the air, the soil, and my Mamma heart. Yearning for The Red One swells.

Gorgeous, brilliant eighteen year old Allisa passed away from a brain tumor just two months ago...meeting her parents both warmed and tore at the scars of my heart. As new members to the Lost Child Club, Allisa's Mom and Dad appear strong, vibrant and thriving. They are amazing; focused on the important details of living a genuine life after such devastating loss! In keeping with the purpose of jiggystick we surprised them with a unique memorial jiggystick honoring their daughter, a small gift for her friends and family. A one of a kind label designed just for Allisa...favorite colors, favorite berry, and favorite flower...Gerber daisies. Jocie's favorite too!

We discussed the life and death of two young beautiful girls and the impact of a legacy cut short but immortal just the same. And finding meaning in a world absent of our daughters.

A big thank you to an incredible group of on-line photography friends from Snapshots of A Good Life.  Their encouragement, love for me and support of jiggysticks has been overwhelming. They are the dearest, sweetest girls I've never met!

The Alissa Berry Berry jiggystick...just what I needed on this breezy March day. It's bright and cheery...filled with love...just like Alissa!


  1. teddy bear
    Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a brilliant writer. I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates. Great Job, Keep it up.. :)

  2. Beautiful, Lisa! Thank you so much for giving to others. My heart aches for the family of Allisa.

    These photos are gorgeous, by the way.

  3. I always look forward to visiting your blog. This post is especially touching as my heart simply hurts for Allisa's family and friends. Your gift to this family is beautiful.

  4. Lisa, you are so fabulous. Her family and friends will smile every time they pick up their Alissa Berry Berry jiggystick.

    And I'm curious about your friends from SOAGL-- I love anyone who supports you!

  5. p.s. I think that's my favorite label yet. So pretty!

  6. Lisa your heart is so big!! We all know how good it feels to help. I'm happy this family has been able to recieve some Jiggy Sticks customized for their special Alissa. God Bless them and God Bless YOU!!

  7. Allisa's family will love these. Absolutely love the label on this one and the photos make me want some fresh beautiful gerbers in my house.