Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nana & Bubba's Easter Egg Hunt Highlights

My favorite things about Easter this year...

  • Dying Easter eggs with the munchkins.

Apparently the teenager has something else on his mind.

And don't tell Henry he is actually using plastic eggs.

  • Midway through the egg coloring...both babies start screaming for Dada!

  • Brown eggs make the dye turn super vibrant. I only used two brown eggs, but will exclusively use all brown next year.

  • My favorite Easter bunny...doing his Easter thing.

  • Bunny ears are always adorable on anyone...but especially Henry in his v-neck pink tee.

  • Watching Olivia open each brightly colored egg, take a bite of the candy...then promptly throw it on the ground.

  • I overheard Cassandra tell Henry..."We'll find your eggs Henry right after we find the golden egg."

  • You're never too old to hunt for Easter eggs. Especially when the golden egg has twenty bucks stashed inside.
  • Watching Olivia literally run everywhere she goes...and so pleased with herself!

  • Henry...sweet adorable squishy pink Henry!

  • Even the chickens got into the egg hunt...actually they were probably looking for worms!

  • Dada Bob teaching Olivia how to roll down a grassy hill.

Looks like Olivia has her own way of getting to the bottom.

  • Dean's hint as to where the Easter bunny hid the golden egg. The birds and the bees...A squared plus B squared = C squared. 
Whatever that means.

  • Two years in a row...the Teenager gets the golden egg.

  • Easter Egg rolling down the driveway.

  • Dressing up Izzy will always be funny!


  1. Such fun traditions, and wonderful memories. I love how you capture the JOY in each of their faces.You have such a beautiful talent.

  2. love your grandbabies, the eggs and the hunt-- but Izzy always seems to steal the show!

  3. I hope you had a great Easter. Looks like you kept those grandbabies busy with traditions. Izzy rocks the bunny ears!

  4. Oh those grandchildren of yours have such special grandparents - you really give your heart them. Adore the shot of Olivia toddling/running and clapping her hands in excitement. Nice too to see a photo of your husband , I was half expecting him to still be in shower cleaning the mud off!

  5. LOVE the idea of using plastic eggs for the babies! Why didn't I think of that?