Sunday, April 1, 2012

One Last Powder Leap in March

It was definitely not the perfect storm for powder here in the West this winter...

but this large dumping storm in early March brought a couple feet of fluffy Utah powder and made my heart leap!

Oh...and this one made his heart leap too!

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  1. Hi Lisa, hope it's ok but I'm using this space as a catch up comment to you as I have been absent for the most part on commenting on the regular blogs I look through. I'm sorry that you had to go through your march - although I realise your march days aren't always just confined to that month. I'm sorry i didn't 'visit' to say i'm sorry.. I loved your dream, you wrote about. I laughed at the photos your oldest daughter took of the various people and 'other' in your pink coat! And I was convinced you must have borrowed someone else's little kids for Henry's birthday post- my goodness how has he grown!!! The most adorable photo was when he & Olivia were together and she was feeding him cake.