Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Keeping it Weird

Sometimes and not enough, I tag along with the hubby on a business trip. Giving us time to reconnect with each other...I love coming along. This particular trip being Austin; the fourth largest city in Texas and capital of the Lone Star State.

With the Texas temperatures and humidity soaring, we decided to do something daring and extraordinary. Dean and I became actual tourists and signed up for a Segway Tour of Austin! 

There is a slogan in this city "Keep Austin Weird." Which most likely is a reference to the local's independent and eclectic style for living.

Austinites promote small and unique local businesses like this eating establishment. Some of the city's favorites are Amy's Ice Cream and Freebirds World Burritos. We indulged ourselves at both places. I even went completely crazy and ate an entire burrito.

Native Austinite developers noticed the charming potential of once dilapidated Rainey Street and envisioned a new and different kind of district for Austin's young crowd. Charming new bars and restaurants are slowly taking over the neighborhood but still leaving the street's historic character in tact. 

This Agave or Century Plant is just about finished with it's spectacular blooming process. A very slow growing cactus and a member of the succulent family, some century plants live for 50 plus years. Finally shooting out a giant stem when death is imminent. The plant's whole life is geared for this ending, which will produce the necessary seeds for germination. Then it dies...just like that!

Completed in 1886, the Driskill Hotel is the oldest operating hotel in Austin.

With a stunning lobby and stained glass ceilings, the Driskill was the premiere gathering place for cattlemen in the early 1900's.

The building is said to have been built with a special ladies' entrance that allowed female guests to proceed directly to their rooms, thereby avoiding the rough talk of the cattlemen in the lobby

And speaking of a rough crowd...we happened to be in Austin during ROT (Republic of Texas). One of the largest motorcycle rallies in the country. There was a whole lot of leather in town, with motorcycles literally filling downtown streets.

Somehow...our dorky tour guide convinced us to raise our arms straight above us just like the Goddess of Liberty statue while posing for this pic. And we did it! Go big or go home...even when being a tourist..

The inside of the capital rotunda is stunning and considered a "whispering gallery." Where a whisper may be heard from anywhere within the circumference of the dome.

The capital is over 360,000 square feet....larger than any other capital. This is the senate chambers.

and the house of representatives.

Because the capital was land locked, they built the new addition into the ground. It is the exact height into the Earth as the front of the capital is protruding out of the Earth. Cool huh? See what you can learn when you are a tourist?

After a few quick stops for fresh peaches and breakfast burritos by the side of the road...sadly our Segway tour of Austin ended. But not the fun! We laughed endlessly and discovered new things we never knew about each other...even after all these years!

Next time you are in Austin, I strongly urge you to hook yourself up with one of those Segways and do your best to Keep Austin Weird!


  1. LOVE this post and LOVE your pictures! The tour looks like a lot of fun! May have to check that out the next time I head south :)

  2. I love Austin! You two are adorable! I love playing tourist. xo