Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sunday Afternoons in Winter

It's hard to even look at the next four photos...

and believe the days were so green and sunny and warm. Chet had an idea last summer and he needed his Dad's help with the execution of his awesome plan.

Born with the skiing gene in his DNA, the winter sport is always on The Teenager's mind...even in the heat of summer. He designed and built two rails to be used in the backyard as soon as the snow fell.

He decided to paint the rails in Rastafarian colors...because they're cool!

Chet even strapped on the skis and tried the small rail placed on the grass. Skiers can be ridiculously obsessive sometimes!

Fast forward to a snowy Sunday afternoon in February, Chet couldn't wait to try out the rails in the snow. The boys built a ramp to the first rail

then placed the second ramp a few feet away.

Kenya...aka the canine tornado..was happy for the outside company.

A few last minute details...

and he's off.

Nailed it!

Now I'm definitely not the girl who wants to miss out on the party, so I jump in my boots and join in the fun.

I have to admit it was pretty entertaining and a great diversion from making Sunday dinner. Please do not make fun of the sweat pants tucked into the boots.

Having skied on rails at the ski resorts,

Chet quickly shows us how to ride them correctly.

Skiing on a rail requires speed

and good balance.

And the ability to pick yourself up...

when you land

on your butt!

And that's how we spend a lazy snowy Sunday afternoon at The Garlick Press.

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  1. Good thing he's still young, that last picture looks like it hurt!