Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's and Other Mother's Day

The calendar annually dictates that the second Sunday in May be set aside to celebrate Mothers. But I hold a strong conviction that you should not need a calendar to tell you when and where to express love to your mother.

As a young mother with four little people under my feet and various extended family requirements to attend...I didn't love Mother's Day.'s true!

As an older, wiser mother of four almost adult children (I'll let my kids decide who and who is not adult at this point) I have adopted a different view of Mother's Day.

I am unequivocally grateful to be a mother, but I am also abundantly thankful for all the "other" Mothers in my children's lives.

Such as the amazingly artistic woman with no children of her own who taught all three of my girls voice and piano. The weekly lessons both musical and non-musical helped define my daughters as they grew from teenagers into young confident women.

This sweet teacher gave each of them something I never could have on my own.

From neighbors to close friends, special aunts to grandmothers...all have a piece of my heart for loving and shaping my children as they journeyed into adulthood.

So while Mother's Day is still a bit of running around to this place and another...

I am spoiled with a delicious meal orchestrated by my thoughtful husband,

pampered with sweet gifts,

and am the recipient of treasured notes of love.

It is also important to me today that I express a thousand thanks you's across this small world. Blessings to all the women who have helped and continue to help me mother my children and another thousand thank you's to all those assisting my daughter in the same motherhood adventure with my grandchildren.

And to these two little people Henry and Olivia...thank you for playing along while Nana took photos of you in this little spot of heaven. Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Beautiful blog post once again darling Lisa! And GORGEOUS photos!!!!!


  2. I am in love! They are so beautiful. :-) And Happy Mother's Day to you. :-)

  3. I just died from the cuteness. That's all.

  4. These turned out so great! (Though how could they not have, such a great location and fabulous photographers.)


  5. These pictures are gorgeous!! Such cute subjects and great location and great lighting! You have it all going on here. Good job Nana Lisa!

  6. Wonderful Blog post Lisa! The words as well as the photos. Love you lots! Happy (late) Mother's Day. :-)