Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Roman Nights

There were so many memorable moments from my trip to Italy. Each day was a completely new adventure. And some was the night!

To say that the food was incredible in Italy would completely understate the fact. Most of the time, we never even saw menus. On this particular evening, our hosts took us to their favorite seafood restaurant in Rome and ordered up the best seafood I have ever eaten.

We indulged in mussels, clams, escargot, anchovies...

and these little guys!

This may have been the moment when we got the giggles, as those eyes belong to one of the little guys we were eating. In case you are wondering we did not eat the eyes, we were having too much fun playing with them instead. Italian restaurants serve Antipasti, First Course, Second Course, and then the Main Dish! If you can still breathe then you might order desert.

After three fabulous hours of heavenly eating we waddled out from the restaurant. Even though it was after midnight, our Italian host Franco decided we simply must see Rome at night under the glory of lights.

Magnifico...the Spanish steps.

Traffic never slows down in Rome...even into the wee hours of the morning.

St Peter's Basilica at night...

was breathtaking! And we had it all to ourselves.

Following miles of wild Franco driving, a few missed red lights, some choice Italian expressions aimed at other drivers, a very patient teenage boy, and a car FULL of giggling women...

we finished up the delightful evening with a stop at Punjabi all night! Otherwise known as Punjabi Heaven!

Because clearly we had not eaten enough that night already.

Raja the Punjabi tiger says "What happens in Rome stays in Rome!" Another pastry please...


  1. I'll pass on the seafood but more desert please! Beautiful!

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  3. Love your night shots! Keep them coming...

  4. Oh, the seafood! Yum! Fabulous shots of a wonderful time. I am so envious!