Monday, September 30, 2013

CM Photo Walk

Last weekend I met up with a group of local photographers to spend a couple of hours at dawn's early light freezing our toenails off...I mean taking photos. Seriously, I think it was 36 degrees when we started shooting. Photo walks can be challenging...forcing yourself to step out of your comfort zone both in meeting new people and new photography subjects.

We started at Ogden's Farmer's Market at the corner of Grant and 25th street. These are Cakes In a Cup...not Cupcakes!

Yummy fresh Garlic...not mother-in-law once told me that our last name is spelled with a "k" on the end as it takes the stink off.

The last of summer's bounty is piled up to display delicious colors.

Most of the photographers had never met each other. It seems I have tons more online photographer friends than I do local...I looked forward to meeting the local talent.

The shyest golden retriever I have ever met...he was so sweet.

Roosters in Ogden is a delicious place for dinner. I have been there many times and never noticed the amazing neon sign marking the entrance. And if you're into that kind of thing, they brew their own beer...including Polygamy Ale...this is Utah after all! Try one and you'll want another, and another, and another!

Playing with reflections and shadows and such with Joni.

I appreciated this abandoned building that was turned into a cool street-scape.

I felt like we should be singing a Beetles song for this know the iconic photograph on Abbey Road.

It's still early, so the stores were not open yet...I'm guessing Joni goes back for this bag she found while window shopping.

Friends in shadows...

A water fountain re-purposed...can you imagine the stories this water fountain holds!

Ogden has a rich railroad history as it is the closest sizable city to The Golden Spike location at Promontory Point, where the first Transcontinental Railroad was joined in 1869.

The city was known as a major passenger railroad junction because it was located on major east-west and north-south routes.

The Ogden Chamber of Commerce used to have a slogan years ago "You can't get anywhere without coming to Ogden." Growing up near here and later moving away...I find that difficult to believe now.

But it was a fun place to spend a couple of hours. I look forward to meeting with these talented photographers again someday soon! And next time you are considering stepping out of your comfort zone...just do it!


  1. Great photography, Lisa - especially the Abbey Road picture!! Looks like you had a great time!!

  2. Fun day photographing with a great friend! Need to do it again soon!

  3. You are so good at having a go at things ( in all seriousness, a bit of an inspiration to me really). I would feel so nervous in a setting like that even though I think it would be so good to get ideas from. Well done. And I really like the cakes in the cups thing! I thought it was lovely how you prepared dinner for your boy and his friends and totally agree on your opinion on his partner's classic and tasteful dress. That little Olivia is growing up so fast!

  4. So many great shots! It sounds like you really had a great time.