Monday, September 16, 2013

Girls Weekend

August came and went so quickly...filled with family and great times. I blinked and suddenly it is now the middle of September. With Lawyer Girl home for a quick visit in August, it was the perfect time to have a little girl's weekend getaway. No stinky boys allowed.

We started with dinner at Vinto's where Olivia got a "V" tattoo from a very handsome waiter, along with a bowl of mac and cheese.

We checked into the hotel where we quickly found the "pool-drink" as Olivia calls it.

Basically it was Mama Cass, Auntie Didi, and Nanny Lisa doting on Olivia the entire weekend. You might even say it should be called Spoil Olivia Weekend instead of Girls Weekend!

 She adored all of the attention of course.

 A session of toenail painting; Olivia chose a lovely shade of teal.

 She gets bigger and brighter every single day!

Where else can you lay your blond hair on soft down pillows and have a little "paddy time" before breakfast!

I have always loved being the mother of three beautiful girls...but I love being the grandmother of a beautiful grand baby girl even more!

Breakfast of champions.

Nearly three years old...her little self is growing up so quickly.

My breakfast of champions.

My daughters...beautiful and brilliant.  It is remarkably fulfilling to see Olivia being loved and guided by both of them. Certainly we feel Jocie's absence, as I imagine we always will. Realizing we were so close to Library Square, we walked the short distance to see if we could see Jocie's name inscribed on the Intermountain Donor Services Monument.

Lots of name searching on the glass wall and finally an internet google search...we found her name surrounded by other donor heroes. I can not give enough praise for this organization and all the great things they do...and proud Jocie is a part of it.

I found it sweet and comforting that Jocie was included in our weekend plans and I have to believe it wasn't accidental. girls weekend would be complete without a little shopping. Olivia found a way to occupy herself in Anthropologie.

And so did I!

Girls Weekend  was an overwhelming success and a new tradition has most certainly been started!


  1. This made my heart happy. And your photos are GORGEOUS.

    I miss you. And I covet your yellow shirt.

  2. I need to start this tradition with my girls. I am so happy you all had a great time.

  3. looks like a great girls weekend! i got to meet your sweet Olivia and her cute mom at the fairy festival a couple weeks ago! you are a lucky mom and grandma!