Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas...It's a Wrap

It's New Years Eve

and I haven't posted a single image of Christmas here at The Garlick Press. Despite these sad faces, it was a beautiful Christmas...

 filled with Christmas wishes,

 and dreams come true.

Favorite traditions were all part of this holiday season including Debi's annual cookie exchange. Where the meal was divine, the cookies were scrumptious

 and the packaging over the top...as usual!

 Pie Night almost didn't happen...gasp!!!!!!!!! You can thank Chet who single-handedly saved Pie Night. Much like the Grinch saved Christmas on Mount Krumpet.

We had our own Christmas miracle when Dean finally figured out how to fix the broken lightbulb in our 20 foot family room ceiling, right before the party started.

I made the usual spread of mouthwatering pie...including Cassandra's Tarte Aux Pomme. Which is a recipe from Julia Child. I'll be honest,  mine wasn't quite as beautiful as Cassandra's, but I'll keep trying!

This might go down as one of my favorite pie nights. The addition of families and teenage boys, made the evening delightful. After the last guest went home...we had about 4 pieces of pie leftover! A perfect Pie Night.

 Jiggystick kept us extremely busy...and we loved it. Izzy the perfect model, was in high demand posing for photos for our Stocking Stuffer Sale campaign.

One day just before Christmas, there was this GIANT blizzard. It happened to hit on the day we needed to drive to Olivia's town to see her first holiday dance showcase.

It took us almost 3 hours to make the usual 2 hour drive. But so worth every ounce of slippery icy road we traveled!

 Olivia's eyes twinkled and her smile couldn't have been bigger as she looked into the audience and saw so many people who love and adore her.

 Both sets of grandparents, mom and dad,

 and Henry came too.

Nearly every day this December, the dear deer stop by to see what is left over in the garden and to say hi to the chickens.

 Of course there were numerous family parties.

Grandpa Owen read from the Bible and shed humble and grateful tears as he watched his posterity reenact the nativity scene.

 We even had a real baby this year. The twin sheep were running amuck as was the binky sucking camel.

We all know how important family is...but it seems to be even more rich this year as we celebrate this moment when we can all gather together.

 Snow is a big part of Christmas when you live in a sleepy little mountain town.

 And so is Jocie's snowman at the cemetery. We decided to make Harv super sturdy this year,

 with a super large base...

 and tinker toys for decorations. Chet in his sick face, was unlucky enough to receive an illness for Christmas.

 But my favorite activity this Christmas had to be skiing with our little people on Christmas Eve.

Christmas skiing has been a Garlick Press family tradition for years. We seem to pack this day with about a million events, but skiing together is the one tradition not one family member is willing to let go.

 And this year did not disappoint.

Perhaps it's difficult for some to understand our passion for skiing. Given what our family lost...understandably some might completely abandon the sport. But as I watch Olivia and Henry stand up straight with superior balance and giggle as they ride up the magic carpet...

I know we are in the right place. My heart beats a bit steadier knowing how much we have conquered to be here on this mountain.

Taking two kids age 2 and 3 skiing is not an easy task. Olivia and Henry's parents have amazing tenacity to pull it off. 

It is just so rewarding to watch this new generation of Garlick Press skiers develop a love for skiing.

The family...sans sick Chet and our angel girl of course. I have to believe that Jocie's spirit surrounds us while we are on her mountain.

Christmas Eve is a busy, busy day, squeezing in parties and presents among skiing can be exhausting.

 It's enough to wear a person..or dog...out!

 The grands were adorable this Christmas.

 Everything was magical and fun...including pajamas.

 The grand dogs were pretty adorable too!

 Auntie Didi received the best present ever when Olivia wrapped her arms wide and gave the biggest hug!

 Dione finished her sister's present minutes...literally minutes before Cassandra opened it.

 At the next party, we are greeted by baby Cohen. My nieces and nephews are all having new additions to their families, which makes holiday parties so much fun.

 Santa interrupted his Christmas Eve deliveries to drop in where Olivia whispered to the big guy she wanted a mermaid for Christmas.

 I don't know what Chloe told Santa she wanted for Christmas...but with that face, she can have whatever she wants.

 Maybe it's her red hair or maybe it's her neatly folded hands, but Lola stole my heart as she waited and waited so patiently for her turn.

And finally, the moment to inform Santa just how good she has been this year arrived.

 I heard Henry tell Santa he wanted a train for Christmas.

Santa told his same old jokes and then we all sang Jingle Bells with the help of these cherubic reindeer.

Although Christmas morning doesn't come as early as it used to and the gifts have most certainly changed over the years. The joyful gift of family is undeniably the present I love the most.

Dog-gone it...Christmas is wrapped up and over for another year. But those charming memories will be around forever.


  1. I so look forward to your posts and beautiful photos. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. looks like a good one! happy new year lisa!

  3. Oh Love - have a fabulous 2014. I think I need an invite to pie night... xoxoxo

    1. Ummm...you are ALWAYS invited to pie night!

  4. Beautiful scenes Lisa. Such a sweet life and I love that you refer to the mountain as Jocie's. No doubt she is with you there. I plugged jiggystick on my blog last week. Your product was a hit with my girls' teacher, and some friends. Happy New Year!

    1. I saw that on your blog and wanted to thank you for the shout out! We love to be part of Christmas surprises. Have a fabulous new year!

  5. I am a cyber fan and just think you are so incredibly talented!! Quilting, baking, photography!! OH MY!

  6. Lisa your blog just makes me smile and makes my heart so happy!

  7. Pie night...the wee one and I are there next year! Zac too if I can drag him away from work. What a beautiful Christmas season. I feel like I am there through your photography. Love!!