Monday, February 25, 2013


cowboy boots.

Henry's cowboy boots.

These cowboy boots are  super special because they were Daddy Bob's cowboy boots when he was this age.

Henry's cowboys boots are great for climbing.

and make Henry smile.

Henry's cowboy boots make Henry's Grandma Christa smile too.

Because Henry's cowboy boots were a gift from a real cowboy. Great Grandpa Burt holding Daddy Bob in this photo, gave them to his toddler grandson many years ago. We love this photo, as it is terrific evidence that Henry really looks like his Daddy Bob.

Henry's cowboy boots look good with a hat.

if Henry could just figure out

how to keep this hat

on his head!

Henry what a cute little cowboy you are.

I think Grandpa Burt would be very happy to see you in those cowboy boots!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Today was not just another ski day, this one included big plans.

Lindsay's brother Steve (wearing Dean's OLD ski suit from the 80's, but that's another post altogether) and Jordan would hold up the sign as the couple came to the top of the ski lift.

Lindsay's other brother Mike is capturing video with his helmet cam. About this moment in time, Lindsay realizes what the sign says.

 I'm not sure who told Alex to take off his helmet to propose or whether he was just calm and collected enough to think of it himself. Brilliant move though!

The custom of proposing on one knee goes back to the days of knighthood and chivalry. It was customary for a knight to dip his knee in a show of servitude and wait for his lady to toss him her ribbons as an indication of her favor.

But I say, it's just straight up classy!

 This is the part where she said yes or rather "Of course I will" is what I heard.

 Alex had been skiing all day with the ring in his pocket.

And despite the frosty weather...

 he didn't get cold feet all day.

 But can you blame him...with a girlfriend as beautiful as Lindsay.

With this first kiss..

 Lindsay and Alex are engaged!

 Young love, is there anything more thrilling and incredibly beautiful?

 Lindsay...completely unaware of what was going to take place today hadn't suspected a thing. It was a great plan, and Alex executed it with perfection.

There were a lot of kisses on top of Beaver Mountain. And I'm sure there are a zillion more to come. 

I loved how Lindsay kept looking down at her if pinching herself to see if it was real. 

You are engaged to be married Lindsay and Alex and you have my permission to shout your joy and happiness from the top of the mountain. Jump up and down if you want to. 

Today with the sun shining down on a mountain blanketed in snow surrounded by people who love them

 both on Earth and in heaven

 Lindsay and Alex started their new life together. Isn't this going to be a fun engagement story to tell?

I have just a few pointers for Alex now that he's going to be a member of this fabulous family...

be loud, ski super fast, embrace the crazy, and love each member of this family deeply; for these are some of my favorite people in the world.

In Jocie's absence, Lindsay is like another big sister to Chet...

my heart skipped a little when I saw the t-shirt he chose to wear this morning. Seeing such broad smiles on the people I love given the loss we have shared...lifts my soul!

Between the cold mountain air, and the magnitude of this moment, my eyes welled with tears. I'm so completely over the moon happy for Lindsay and Alex. Thank you for including means the world!

Anyone else notice the heart that forms when these two hold hands...aww so cute! Apparently holding hands while skiing is more difficult than it looks.

But lucky for Alex I didn't post the photos of Lindsay knocking him down while trying.

CONGRATULATIONS you two, the best is yet to come!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That's a Wrap

Just a couple months ago on Thanksgiving morning, the family was busy making pies, peeling potatoes and basting turkeys; when I heard the familiar text message sound from my phone. " page Two" was all she sent. KSL is an NBC-affiliated television/media station located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We dropped everything to read this KSL article written by my talented friend Michelle. It was such a joy to read words written about Jocie, especially on Thanksgiving Day. My heart burst with gratitude for Jocie's life and legacy. 

But you can just imagine our surprise and (dare I say) fright when I received a phone call from KSL just a few weeks ago. Would Dean and I consent to our story being brought to video form and broadcast on KSL's Studio 5 program? I had been out shopping and somehow during the phone call I exited the store, slipped on ice, fell, dropped my phone cracking the screen, and said yes!

The first Monday in February brought a senior KSL producer and her video technician to our home. Irinna had previously sent a list of questions that she would be asking us during the interview process to help us prepare. Many of the questions were difficult, extremely difficult...tell us about Jocie, how does she complete your family. Tell us about the details of the day of the accident. Tell us what it is like to lose a child...then and now. 

What is it like to lose a child...there isn't a single day that I wish we were still innocent of this knowledge. Unless you find yourself in this horrible, awful, no good's nearly impossible to know. And it crushes me every time I hear of another parent losing their own innocence. With tears in her eyes, Irinna listened to the details she graciously pushed us to recount. This would be the first time Dean and I had openly discussed together...what exactly happened that March day nearly five years ago.

After an exhausting interview filming session, we breathed a sigh of relief and Thompson the video guru began shooting various footage in my craft room,

and Jiggystick World Headquarters.

This was the easy part, talking about jiggysticks and actually making a batch while the video was recording.

After about 2 1/2 hours they packed up their gear and left. Irinna asked if we considered ourselves an inspiration. We both emphatically exclaimed "NO"! However, if because of this interview there is one person somewhere, engaged in fighting a similar battle...watching us breath, stand upright, smile, and even laugh...then this segment will be absolutely worth it.

While I know our little video surely is not a blockbuster with a cliffhanger ending. If after all the footage is edited and most of it on the cutting room floor, you would like to watch us...the segment is scheduled to air on KSL Studio 5 Wednesday Feb 20th, sometime between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon (mountain standard time). You can click on the "Watch It Live" button on their site and watch it from KSL Studio 5's website if you don't live within KSL's broadcast range to watch it on TV.