Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekend with O & H

The boys left town for a week of cat skiing in the Canadian wilderness. Since Cass was home alone with hubby traveling too...we made a long weekend out of it.

Olivia and Henry are growing leaps and bounds lately. Board games have become one of their new favorite pastimes. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game teaches colors and numbers...Sami the dog would mostly just like to have a squirrel snack.

 Izzy the pooch tags along with me for the weekend and mostly tolerates all the attention from Olivia and Henry...

 mostly! Ah...Princess Izzy Pants!

Whenever I'm with these two little bumpkins lately, I can't help but drool over their zest for adventure. From the moment their peepers open in the morning until they finally drift off to sleep at the end of the day...the world is their playground.

 Sister kisses for Henry.

We decided to go see the Ice Castles in Heber, but when we arrived a very long wait in the freezing cold looked immanent and certain...because everyone and their Aunt decided to have the same adventure on the same day.

Early dinner plans were quickly devised, hoping the crowds would disperse by the time we finished. Cass is a wonderful mamma...every moment is a teaching moment with her little people.

 Henry and I sipped beverages and then we all played Simon Says

and occupied ourselves as best as we could until dinner finally arrived. Patience is not in a toddler's vocabulary.

Snowsuits and hats and boots and gloves and then a moment when Olivia lost it! It seems her hand was nowhere near the end of her glove. In fact, if you look at the length of her forearm you can see that her fingertips are somewhere in the middle of the arm of the coat. Cass and I got the giggles...which Olivia did not appreciate.

We convinced the kids that going inside the Ice Castle was not going to work out for us...after selling the idea to them only an hour earlier. There were promises to return with Daddy Bob when the crowds were down and the sun was warming the air just a little bit more.

 The thing about kids is...they just don't care. Because around the corner is a gazebo that you can run and chase and laugh and forget about going inside the Ice Castles. Oh if only us adults could be more childish sometimes.

Bedtime routines are the sweetest moments in this home. Night Nights and milk they call it. Prayers for all, teeth brushes and storytime. Doesn't childhood sound wonderful right now to you?

 Early every morning the rugrats would sneak into my room...jump into my bed and exclaim "I waked you up Nanny Goat." Then morning snuggles and giggles would ensue aplenty.

Until our next sleepover my sweet sweet grand you, love you long time!


  1. Oh my they are sweet. What a fabulous weekend!

  2. So much fun cold weather and all. I just love how cooperative Izzy is!