Friday, August 1, 2014

Magnificence of Birth


that moment in time when life begins anew.

When a family of four...

becomes a family of five.

And the world that revolved around two three year old children

suddenly includes a newborn in the spin.

Introducing...Miss Frances Anne...born July 7th.

7-7-14 what a fun birth date.

Welcome to your magnificent life sweet granddaughter.

I'm your Nanny Goat...

just ask Olivia and Henry how much fun we are going to have together.

You will love being part of this beautiful world...

especially with all the people who love you.

It's alright if you nod off...I"ll still continue!

Looking at your sweet tiny pink's amazing to imagine the impact your presence in this world will make.

While packing up some boxes I discovered this blanket that I used to wrap your Mamma in when she was brand new and I thought you should have it.

And let's talk about that your beautiful black hair...AMAZING!

During your newborn photo shoot we took a short break and your sister Olivia shared with me the birth of her baby that popped right out of her tummy...

And what do you know...Olivia's baby is a Pooh Bear that she named Luke! I'm not sure if your delivery was quite that easy...we'll have to ask your mamma.

It's impossible for your little newborn-ness to understand how much I already adore you,

or what fun plans I have stored up for us.

Being a Nanny Goat is the best thing in the whole world.

Don't you agree? Hello...are you listening?

But I have to warn you there is a price to pay...

I will take endless photos from your soft pink lips...

to your tiny pink toes...and everything in between!

Welcome Miss Frances...I love you to the moon and back.

and thanks Mamma Cassandra...for making me a Nanny Goat three times over!


  1. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing photos of the newest addition to your growing family. She is adorable. Henry and Olivia look thrilled to have a little sister.

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous, Lisa. Stunning photographs! Love you.

  3. Oh, she is lovely!!!! Eeeeekkk!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Your words and photos brought me to tears. That last photo speaks a million words. Welcome sweet Frances. What a fun birth date indeed!

  5. Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful baby girl. She doesn't seem to mind the camera one bit. Congratulations!

  6. Beautiful momma, beautiful baby, beautiful Nanny-goat, beautiful brother and sister and family! Thank you for sharing the miracle of Miss Francis with us, Lisa. Lovely blog post.