Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Love Lucy Pooch

Early one morning, Dean casually mentioned that there was a lady with a puppy coming to our house in a couple of hours.

"No pressure" he said...

"If you're not ready that's ok...only you know when that time will be. 

But she's a goldendoodle like you love, curly and red...

exactly what you were hoping for, just a little sooner than you were expecting."

And just like that we welcomed little Lucy into our home.

We are all completely smitten. It's been said that Lucy has super powers...she can even get Dean to smile! 

Admittedly, I struggled the first few days. Especially that first critical night when Lucy cried and barked for her litter mates all night long. What was I thinking!

However, almost instantly Lucy imprinted on me looking at me as her Mamma. Even Kenya likes the attention Lucy's arrival has brought to the backyard. 

Lucy is adorable...

smart and clever and full of puppy mischief. 

But mostly she's full of love!

Unconditional puppy love!

I have come to the conclusion that Lucy could never replace Izzy, nor do I want her to. There could only ever be one Izzy Pooch. 

But Lucy is an opportunity to open my heart again and bring a new pup into my world...loving and bonding with another pooch all over again!

Lucky lucky me...

and lucky lucky Lucy. Welcome to the The Garlick Press little Lucy pooch!


  1. Lucy is the perfect pooch for the perfect family. Congrats and I can't wait to meet you all very soon.

  2. Oh Lisa, she is adorable! Loving and bonding is a good thing, and so is opening your heart. Lucky lucky you and Lucy! In love with your action shots of her. Looking forward to seeing many many more!

  3. I almost missed Lucy pooch in that basket of cuddly stuffed animals. She is beyond adorable! I'm smitten Lucy!

  4. Love her already! Can't wait to snuggle and play with her!