Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cinderella Day

By Royal Command..
and Frances

are hereby invited to attend a showing of the new movie Cindrella

with Nanny Goat

Being Nanny Goat to three adorable little people means you get to plan fun surprises. Watch as Olivia and Henry open their Cinderella box from me. It's in super fast speed so pay attention.

Frances you can sit through a two hour movie...right?

Are you kitten me right meow Nanny Goat?

Months and months ago, Cassandra and I watched the trailer to the new Cinderella movie drooling over the actors assigned to the various roles. That's when we decided we should make it an event.

Presenting Prince Charming Henry with his new shield and sword and Princess Cinderella Olivia in her beautiful blue gown.

And don't forget Frances playing the role of kitty cat! There is nothing more delightful than watching these three waltz their way into the theater. They created quite a stir among the theater courtiers.

We were so excited that we arrived at the matinee showing at least 30 minutes early. There wasn't exactly a line to get in...so we had some time to kill.

Showing off...

and making tough guy prince charming faces...

This picture sums it up. Olivia, Cassandra and Nanny Goat wholeheartedly agree...we LOVED it. Henry said it was really, really, really, really, really long but he liked it! Frances babbled and then slept through more than half of it so she may not be a credible critic.

Seriously though...GO SEE CINDERELLA! Take your kids, take your grandkids, take the love of your life, or maybe even take someone you hope will be the love of your life. Everyone could use a little dreamy romance in their world!

PS...It feels good to be back in this space again.


  1. Hurray! I am so happy to see you back blogging. What great memory to create with your Grandbabies!

  2. What a great idea! and fantastic documentation! The video is super cute too. Its great to have you back Xo

  3. Lovely too hear from you. You mentioned you were selling your house - did you end up moving?

  4. I missed seeing your posts. I'm glad you're back. And I loved Cinderella, too.

  5. I will go see it! Happy to see these beautiful faces on your blog again. What a fun way to experience Cinderella.