Friday, April 10, 2015

A Passing and Then Not Passing Chimney Rock

A few weeks ago we were stunned and saddened to hear of the death of Dean's cousin Tammy. She along with another couple were killed in a horrific car accident while vacationing in New Zealand. No stranger to the importance of having family by you when grieving...Dean decided we absolutely needed to attend the funeral of his sweet cousin.  Tammy's children were inspirational and uplifting as they each reminisced of the mother they will dearly miss. Tammy was sparkle and jewelry and sunshine...I am sorry for her passing. A rose among the thorns, Tammy had seven brothers, and I think they were each happy to see their cousin Deano. Just my opinion, but if you ever find yourself vacillating on whether or not to attend a funeral...You are probably won't be missed if you stay home, but you will be noticed if you attend.

 Tammy and her family live in a small rural community in Southern-Central Utah, so we decided to make a road trip and extend our time in this area...sort of playing in our own Utah backyard. Following the funeral, we took back roads through small towns that I remember from my childhood. Small towns where aunts lived and distant relatives I vaguely remember visiting with my grandmother about a million years ago. Every new town we entered we would comment at the population sign posted on the outskirts. Population 215...less than his Instagram followers...according to Chet!

While passing through Capital Reef National Park we saw a trail on the side of the road that looked like a fun place to hike. On no time schedule whatsoever, we stopped the truck and decided we couldn't pass up Chimney Rock Trail. After a quick change out of our funeral clothes right there in the parking lot, we set out on a late afternoon hike.

The scenery in Southern Utah is stunning...the view different around every corner. The Chimney Rock Trail is named after Chimney Rock, an impressive pinnacle of red-hued shale that rises from the desert floor.

Although marked moderately strenuous, the hike was easy. Beginning with mildly steep switchbacks,

the trail loops and finally opens up on a table-top mesa to this view of Chimney Rock and the surrounding valley.

My Chimney Rock-stars!

This trip made me realize, that time is marching quickly with this young man of mine...

and I am very aware of an increase in the cadence.

His Dad and I feel so lucky he is willing to tag along on our adventures. We listen to his Spotify playlists, buy him Jabanero Smokehouse Almonds, and lots of Dr Pepper. Blatant bribery I know, but I think it helps.

His childhood has been defined by Before and After. His After making life at home markedly unlike his sisters' growing up years. I wonder if he wonders what life would have been...

how different it could have been! I do believe he wonders, but doesn't dwell in the wonderment. His future is bright and his options brilliant.

So today, seize the moment...don't pass on the important stuff and especially don't pass up those Chimney Rock trails. The view is exhilarating...and now bring me that horizon.


  1. WOW - what a beautiful place and a great memory.

  2. Whew! So glad you are back here again! Cute Cinderella story!! And so glad you are seizing the moments with your handsome boy! He is remarkable xo

  3. I'm hoping to make a 2-week trip to Utah this summer and want to ramble and shoot (with my camera) around those small towns.